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    And I was just playing around, that is actually very simple and isnt much to it. I actually see ISxJ as more of a type who notices that stuff, Se more or less takes that for granted when you compare it to the depth that an ISxJ appreciates it. We dont internalize that stuff, its part of our world and we interact heavily, not just see everything. Look at ESxPs. They are extremely active types, always moving, always doing things, always active. That is more along the lines of Se, its about interacting with your environment. We are very perceptive people, but dont just sit and enjoy every scent and every texture, we interact with it. My wheel borrow has a solid rubber tire because I got tired of it going flat because I weighed it down so much. I moved and laid 3 palettes of sod in a couple hours because I wanted to. I chopped down a tree because I love physically doing things when a chain saw was sitting next to me. I put up my ex-father in laws christmas lights with snow/ice on the roof for fun. I enjoyed laying in the mud changing his oil filter on the side of the highway as a storm rolled in and it started raining. Fixing my ex-sister in laws roof on a 2 story house with a lightning storm rolling in. I love all that stuff. Carrying a box with a queen size memory foam matress up 3 flights of stairs by myself. And I dont bitch and moan and groan, I enjoy it. I love the challenge.
    I see that list as complex. The Se-dominant has so many processes going on in order for it to make it so action-oriented. The amount of trust you have to sustain, the amount of energy you have to portion to fuel such a way of life sounds exhaustingly complex. It is not Pi complex, yes, but I believe it is still far from "simple".

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    At the risk of sounding insensitive, Ni could be seen as the functional equivalent of schizophrenia.

    To me the mundane conception of a schizophrenic (odd/magical beliefs, internally based, highly idiosyncratic, (possibly) slightly unkempt, with an odd demeanor, intently focus/almost conversing with their own thoughts), is a particularly evocative image for Ni-dom.

    The majority of the time I am not present in spirit/mind, even though I am present in body. I live inside my head to the point where excess sensuality is often quite necessary to ground me. I could sum up my basic conception of reality by saying "There has got to be more than this" and to me there is little doubt that there is indeed, far more than the five senses perceive.

    I have a "creative temperament", were I blessed with any measure of talent I would be diligently pursuing art, music, or literature. I feel like a brooding artist, without the (potentially) redemptive art.

    I cannot speak for anyone else, but my experience of Ni is the experience of being misunderstood. I state that as an observation and not a whiny complaint as I have poor ability to communicate my thoughts accurately to satisfaction. In my case I believe this arises from my being predominantly an inwardly visual person. Words are a supplement.

    I am not definitely not psychic, but I tend to perceive the momentum-driven end point of an action. Even as a small child I could easily see where things were likely headed, as I am sure everyone was able to at times. The thing with me, is that it is not something I consciously do. I don't have to ask myself how something is likely to turn out by getting onto a certain vector. I perceive these vectors like a thin moving river going either to a waterfall or a branching point. I'm kind of grasping at straws here and this is too general, but I think it is a matter of degree, mine is rather excessive.

    I perceive Ni as a distillation process, trying for laser beam.

    I have always tended to be perceived as an old soul, with a lot of depth and wisdom (as well as a spaced-out and overly withdrawn daydreamer with highly idiosyncratic need and eccentric tendencies). I think is partly because there is a certain impersonal, amoral quality to Ni. There is no should in perception, you need feeling or thinking for that, which does not come until later.

    Honestly, I am not trying to say that I am full-proof. I can and have been mistaken. It is just that I when I look at a decision there is an instant calculation in my head that comes out as a short movie of the highest probability. I don't know where I get things from. I know I cannot always trust my physical senses.

    I don't what else to say, I'm pretty consumed by my imagination, by my inner tendencies. I assume most introverts are.
    Not "Revelation"—'tis—that waits,
    But our unfurnished eyes—
    ~ Emily Dickinson

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