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    Quote Originally Posted by Ene View Post
    I get really tickled at a lot of people who run around doing all sorts of things to be "mystical" and "spiritual" and I think, "Geesh, people, just open your eyes and get outside your own desires." But then again, maybe I'm no different. Who knows? I know one thing, anyone who possesses himself/herself to be wise is probably foolish or at least very near-sighted.
    Yeah, I do see a lot of people who use this stuff to be able to do what they want without having to justify their actions.

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    I wouldn't be honest if i say i am not attracted to everything hidden, unconventional, or say it, mystical.
    As for astrology or other kinds of reading, it's not just what people think. It's more about symbols and hidden meaning of symbols, and their combination, not about predicting future. One symbol in combination with another, and another... build some kind of system and you get totally new picture what opens door to many possibilities. Like letters makes written words, or notes makes music... And except there, in astrology is history of human kind, reading old textes from it and pay attention on way they are written, you learn about past, about believing of people who lived many years before you, to learn about myths they created. Understanding past is the key for understanding future, for me. And present keeps ''pictures'' of both past and future. But signs are not only in astrology, they are everywhere around us, and in us. However, i know it's totally wrong to take money from people for some readings or predictions, and i wouldn't suggest to anyone to do it. If there is something you shoud know, you will find out when it's time for that. Astrology alone, can't give much answers.

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    I echo @Ene on this subject. I feel very similarly on the subject and have had an interest in Astrology and the Tarot but decided to not pursue them for the same reasons. I would say in defense of astrology that it is definitely not what people generally think it is.

    What do you consider to be mystical thinking?

    Well I think for me I've always just had a feeling there is something of a different reality, beyond or embedded in reality as it's generally considered. I'm issuing a disclaimer though. What I'm saying on this subject is symbolic, an approximation, and I don't mean to use words with their concretely meaning but more as arrows shot into the dark in the general direction of... Mystical thinking as I see it is noticing certain signs and symbols in your environment or within you that seem to point at this fuller reality, that others would consider arbitrary. For someone who trusts this mystical reasoning these signs don't seem arbitrary but telling of something about the true nature of reality and ourselves or God if you like. Paying attention to the sign and keeping your heart connected to others can give you insights and information you shouldn't otherwise posess (generally considered impossible).
    Do you have thoughts and beliefs that reflect this concept of mysticism?
    I would consider myself at core a mystical thinker. I resonate strongly with buddhist thought, Tao Te Ching, Meister Eckhart and many mystics' writings from different traditions because they describe something familiar. I get what @Ene is saying about the bike wheel. This is how I feel reality is also. ...though I don't think mine or people's feelings or thinking or not thinking about it makes a difference. It's there. It's not something you can empirically prove or reason yourself into so. Or necessarily strive for. At the same time it's the most democratic thing as it's in everyone's reach and in some way our birthright. Just not often found because we're overlooking it. Myself included.

    Which function(s) do you think contribute to your mystical thinking and describe how do you approach it?
    If you want to model this in MBTI speak I would say that that type of irrational symbolic reductionist thinking may be Ni+Ti and the reality of indivisible human to human interconnectedness maybe Fe. Ni-Se akin to the view of looking at a thing impersonally from a kind of a bird's eye view and at the same time aiming to be rooted strongly in the present reality.

    I do periodically try to reframe my own reality in several ways, MBTI could be one, or you could just look at it more empirically, or which you wish. For me personally I choose to live looking at life this way. It's never stopped me from being a functioning part of society in the traditional sense or from being "normal". It's my internal disposition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fia View Post
    What do you consider to be mystical thinking?
    Truth is, I stumbled on it accidentally while trying to figure out the phenomenon of things like light, electromagnetic waves, gravitational fields, "space", etc. The pondering ended up directing me into philosophical problems that I had to create answers/solutions for in order to figure out what I wanted. This basically means taking opposing ideas and integrating them, which I guess is nonsensical to someone who refuses to entertain the notion as inherently absurd, as well as dealing with certain paradoxes by finding answers/solutions that incorporate them axiomatically.

    I guess, basically any thinking that exceeds what is thought to be common sense and can't be demonstrated without some level of abstraction, could be labeled mysticism and shrugged off by ... the less thoughtful.

    Do you have thoughts and beliefs that reflect this concept of mysticism?

    Which function(s) do you think contribute to your mystical thinking and describe how do you approach it?
    Ni and Fi (not MBTI - not JCF - but Jung).
    Sometimes I think Fi is mystical since its domain deals exclusively with its relation to others, a focusing upon the abstract mental landscapes of others and the judgments that result from it. But Ni is probably more mystical, since it can abstract dimensions of thought by infusing them into archetypes, creating higher dimensions of understanding, whereas Fi is more like a collectively parsed kind of understanding.

    The approach is kind of implicit in the function, I'd say. Well Jung's seem that way, maybe not MBTI though that believes Fi is just "values" and silly uninspired shit like that.

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