So, after some random ideas session I have hourly, I noticed something about RPG classes and its relation with Keirsey Temperaments.

I will be talking about MMORPGs specifically here.

So, MMORPG classes are many, but in essence they varies from five original ones; Warrior, Defender, Sorcerer, Cleric and Archer. Forget about the archer, I will be taking the former

The Warrior is the strong guy. He uses a big sword and relies in his strength to overwhelm his enemies, forgetting everything else and focusing in the battle with his absurd physical power. Reckless, he will not think before act, and lives totally for the moment.
The Defender is the prudent guy. He wields a sword and a shield. He will always take advantage of his strong defense trying to keep the enemy attention to himself so his buddies won't receive much harm. He is a loyal friend that values stability and supports his pals.
The Sorcerer is the intelligent guy. Studies the arts of magic, witchcraft, spiritism and necromancy and use his spells on his enemies and even in himself. The sorcerer have access to various spellcrafts that help his battles. The lack of physical capacity is compensated with a enormous mental capacity. The sorcerer is more of a strategy guy that will think a lot before doing something.
The Cleric is the supportive friend. Dedicates his life to his infinite faith, and is compensated with holy powers such as white magic and arcane arts. The Cleric is not the fighting type, and rather help his friends with magical benefits over getting involved with the fight himself. He understands what are people motivations and will always be there for his pals.

Now read the itallic fragment of each class, and you will see that these can be perfectly compared to SP - The Artisan, SJ - The Guardian, NT - The Strategist and NF - The Spiritualist.

I'm not sure if this is already obvious, or were already posted, or even if it's non-sense, but I liked it.

What do you guys think?