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    Default Outward expressions of type.

    I was watching a video that talked abot Ti users as pausing while speaking To go back in their minds and draw out information in comparison to Te users who tend to verbalized their thought process. I was wondering if there are similar behaviors associated with the other dominant functions and how to pick up on them.

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    I guess when Te users already have their plan on the go they will be more talkative, seems spot on about Ti though. I have an ISTP e5 friend who does that a lot.

    Ne - more interactive with the outside world and creating new scenarios with them
    Ni - similar to Ti but appears dreamy and maybe naive without any Je
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    People say I look like an ISFP more in my video even though I seem more ExFP on the Intertardz.

    Because I'm more reserved and do the Ni look up thing to the side with my eyes. The things about facial expressions and such are quite interesting, I guess the Ti pause would be part of it.

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    I suppose this is relevant, my video from the type by video thread. Going by what has been said here I seem to have a little bit of Ti in that video when I pause and think.

    However when I start rambling the structure is different and flows a lot better.
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