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    Default A Curious Thing About I/E

    So here's what I've noticed about introverts and extroverts, which seems mildly counter-intuitive to the dictionary definition of intro's and extro's (which is extroverts get their energy from being around people, and introverts get their energy from themselves, their thoughts and feelings, or watever). the extroverts i know (and they are pretty definite extroverts), love being around people, and will go to parties/ hang out with friends and BE the ones talking. the introverts seem to be the ones who are...not? they seem a little overwhelmed by the constant interaction, especially if they have to initiate the conversation, and find people to talk to.
    However, the introverts i know also want more CONSTANT contact, and this confuses me. Because i know that introverts get drained by constant contact with people, but the introverts seem to want to text more, hang out more one-on-one (or even go out to bars/concerts and stuff? ), while the extroverts (those who are always talking, initiating, love meeting new people, don't get shy/overwhelmed) will carve out time for themselves often where they are completely unreachable/will "fall off the face of the earth" for a time, and they've told me it's cuz they need a little space for themselves.
    so i was thinking that perhaps it's because for introverts, being alone comes naturally, so they have to work at being with people to not get too lonely or isolated, and it's the opposite for extroverts.
    or, and i know it's a stereotype, but perhaps extroverts have better social skills/tend to be more charismatic, so people seek them out more, and therefore they have put a stop at some point, which is not as much a problem for introverts.
    has a/o else seen this, or have thoughts on this phenomena?

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    It's a really simple answer, actually. introverts tend to want a few close friends whereas extroverts tend to want a sea of acquaintances and friends of various levels of closeness. So introverts will either not bother hanging out at all or will want to be good friends, whereas the extroverts are more likely to have a million other friends to hang out with so on average they don't care as much about being close friends with you. You're basically just seeing only the introverts who really like you, but seeing all the extroverts who know you, including those who really like you and those who don't care that much.
    -end of thread-

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    I can confirm what @Randomnity said: extroverts have more friends and therefore tend to spent less time with most of them. Introverts mostly prefer few close friends with which they spend more time.
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