1.Your name and country.

Cornelius, USA

2.If you had to kill someone what weapon would you choose?Why?

A rolling pin, for that old timey, home cooked feeling. You know, the way mom used to.

3.What weapon would you choose for being murdered ??

Piano, preferably dropped from several stories. If you're out of pianos, maybe an anvil.

4.How do you imagine hell?

Tell you when I get there.

5.What is your favourite serial killer?Why?

The one that killed people with a lawnmower, circa 1955.

6.Who would you choose as your victim?Why?

Everyone? Why not?

7.If your murders were to be identified with something(like 'z'-you knew it was zorro) what mark would you choose?

Red lobster coupons.

8.What's your favourite color?

Telephone book.