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    Type Logic has developed a similar complete "intertype dynamics" system as Socionics, and the INTP and ESFP relationship is called "Novelty", while INTJ and ESFP or INTP and ESFJ are simply "Anima".

    I would think it would be less confusing to use this, since it is MBTI based, but unfortunately, you have to pay to get the whole system.
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    You cannot translate types straight from MBTI to Socionics because in Socionics the J/P letters don't mean the same thing. INTP and ESFP are in conflict relations. The duality relations are between INTJ and ESFP.

    If you look at the functions, INTJ and ESFP have all functions in common listed in reverse. This forms duality:
    INTJ: Ni/Te/Fi/Se
    ESFP: Se/Fi/Te/Ni

    but with INTP the ESFP shares no functions, that's why they are in conflict
    INTP: Ti/Ne/Si/Fe
    ESFP: Se/Fi/Te/Ni

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