i am an ENFP with equally powerful fi and ti ..it feels powerful but also overstimulating certain times..i don't use Te..often and originally carl jung believed all three functions were i when the dominant was e and vice versa..i have dominant Ne . it almost goes like this Ne> Fi = Ti >Si

Fi, Ti conflict occurs if i think wildly..AND with a dominant Ne.. It produces amazing results however if u start thinking theology, philosophy and such stuff..your ti will ask WHY it is so ?? Fi will say just because it is so..it is a fact..and Ti says its so BECAUSE...?? Fi ask why are you thinking that way..its wrong ...things happen like that...
on the good side..u get all the good of ENFp + clear logic and reason...Not all people are that lucky

if u learn to control your ti..and let it obey your fi...things get ok...it worked with me..might go the other way round for someone else