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    Quote Originally Posted by Mal+ View Post
    That was an example. I've long ago stopped expecting people of the same type to be clones of each other.

    Yet the traffic laws example still tells you something about motives. Fear of authority can result in either a compliant or an aggressive response. But not an indifferent non-response. Complying with traffic laws is a motive-based behavior. Those motives may be kept out of conscious awareness. But it may have something to do with fear of authority.
    I'm more likely to have a fear of an HR Director than a police officer. My aunt has been a police officer since I was a little I've been around numerous cops all my life. So I'm pretty comfortable with police officers... And almost always know when I've done something wrong, so I've never had an issue with the punishment (ticket or what not). The more I'm around a group of people the more comfortable I get and less intimidated I get... So, I guess if I hadn't basically grown up surrounded by cops I'd probably be more apt to panic around them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    Yes, I think that's a key there.

    Even the "best path" decisions that Te (and Fe) types think are objective, are in reality not. Every decision is subjective. Therefore my subjective opinion on what to do next is just as valid as anyone else's opinion, despite how objective (or more objective) they think their opinions are!

    Since most Fi doms are pro "live and let live" it's this arbitrary pushing of subjective opinion flaunted as "objective" fact that's more annoying than simply "rebelling against authority". Even worse is the subjective opinion propped up on other "facts" and paraded as "we have to do this because data points X, Y and Z say we should". (Admittedly, that's how to convince a dom Te type, and what makes me waver and feel indecisive about my instincts, but when the gut feeling tells you it's the wrong decision, time to go digging to find out why.)

    Quote Originally Posted by Mal+ View Post
    There's a lot of good testimony mostly from INFPs above in this thread. There's always some exterior motive for reacting to the authoritarian Te-dom type, such as "he's stepping all over my individuality and uniqueness." But I think they are primarily reacting to Te-inferior within their own psyches, and I'm searching for more evidence of the idea that our responses to external "problems" are all in our minds.
    Of course. I was aware of this and simply explaining the mental process. As PeaceBaby basically said it's result of Fi-Te tension, both internal and external. If someone attempts to render me into an object in some way (Te), that will cause me to assert my subjectivity (Fi). But the assertion in and of itself, is also reflection of my own Te rigidity and forcefulness.

    And yes this reaction is a result of personal bias. I perceive certain types of instruction as an attempt to step my individuality, whereas other people might have absolutely no problem with it. And it's the reverse too: I don't see certain forms of instruction as overly problematic, where others do. When I think of the way my ISFJ mum responds to my ESTJ auntie's bossiness I can see this (which I suppose is a Te-Fe clash). It really rubs my mum the wrong way and she takes it personally but it doesn't bother me much. I can acknowledge it's a little annoying and rude, but I don't get riled up about it and just accept it's her way.
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    I've dreamt in my life dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas;
    they've gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.

    - Emily Bronte

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