I think the traits of type are often used to "rank" a person's social class.

In my view, communities always have certain goals they're trying to achieve whether they're aware of them or not.

I think conservative communities tend to be monolitihic and homogeneous for example because this is what their local environment supports so values like similarity tend to be rewarded.

Different communities are under different forces (both internal and external) so the values those communities tend to promote are those which the community sees as being necessary in the future.

Type behaviors like gregariousness, solitude, watching anime, whatever are ways of us talking about social class without talking about it directly. You can't call someone an aspie to their face, but you can say "rofl your fe is soo weaak" or whatever.

It seems like in different communities different "types" are favored. Sometimes I wonder if hating on "those leftist communists" or whatever is more about a almost perverse desire to obliterate the genetic stock of those who are "too different" from the group/individual

Oh! Also, society has contradictory needs at different times like if you're on the farm you need lots of babies wheras in modern culture it is not as -necessary- for survival so THE EXACT SAME BEHAVIOR is an indication of high social class to one group and the exact opposite to another lol