so i read here some time ago that if 2 people who are both introverts or extroverts form a relationship then at some point one of them would morph into the opposite, i.e. if u had a relationship between an INFP and INTJ then the INTJ for ex. would become an ENTJ, but only within the confines of that particular relationship.

is this true?

i would be inclined to say yes, i live alone with my ENFP father, who is very extroverted, to the point that he drives me up the walls often times because of this, i'm an extrovert too, even if not hugely so, but still when i'm home i certainly feel more introverted and longing for space.

do you think that this would somehow leave a more lasting impact? even extroverts need some time alone.

there could be other motives for this of course, i may just as well be mistyped and am actually an INTP, or some other conceivable reason for what i am experiencing.