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    Default INFJs vs Other Fe-types?

    I was wondering about something; how do INFJs compare in the use of their Feeling preference to other Fe-preferenced types?

    The reason I ask is because I consistently see descriptions of INFJs emphasize the importance of "relationships"; despite my dislike of emotional conflict or similarly turbulent environments, I don't consider "helping others find their purpose" to be my raison d'etre...

    Instead, I feel like I prefer writing, detailing the complex stories, characters and emotions that formulate in my head so they are not forgotten. I want to write stories, draw graphic novels, etc. Is there any way this desire to express and share my inner creativity related to my Auxiliary Fe function?

    (I apologize if this thread ended up being more 'personal' than its title indicated, but I'm still curious about the overall differences between INFJs and other F-types. Are we generally more detached and logical and 'unfeeling' than other feeling types? Are our Feeling-preferences more clandestine, and seen more in our actions and words than in our demeanors and expressions?)

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    I don't know. I think my aux Fe is fairly similar to my isfj friends'. Their dom Si makes them a bit more controlling of others, I have noticed, as in their children. I say ISFJs make the 'best' mothers because they are Intensely invested (due to the Si) in their children's rituals, namely as it regards sensory things, such as food, clothing, friends, etc. I might actually be more strict about manners and more adherent to children being fully who they are meant to be (dom Ni), and them having their freedom to do so (safeguarding their freedom to do so), more abstract notions. For example, I'd almost guarantee that behind every kid with lots of food allergies or intolerances, their is lurking an Si dom mom.

    For me, I can be unfeeling, truly, due to my higher Te than other F women seem to have, making me almost INTJish in the parenting arena....Also, the instinctual variants play a large role, I think, as well, both in seeming more feeling and less feeling, depending.

    But, when I write, I almost really do always write "to an audience" of one or a few people, or at most, a small group. I think your description of writing sounds more INFPish, more Ne/Fi perhaps. ?
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