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    As Oakysage hinted, the creation of mental models of how something works is what happens. There are different ways to do that: everybody can read a book and everybody can try it out, but different people - and types - prefer different ways. Generally speaking, Js want to be prepared when they have to face something new, Ps not so much. Everybody performs better when they are prepared, but not everybody feels the need to be as much as Js. I think the role of Ni is limited to predisposing someone to choose one way of learning over another.

    One could talk about this topic in typology terms, but I believe they obscure what is actually happening more than they clarify it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AphroditeGoneAwry View Post

    Is that really you in your picture?
    LMAO, thank God no.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randomnity View Post
    My own preference is to start something new by either following along with instructions or reading a few ways of doing something, mentally compiling them into the best way, and then doing it. Then once you do it, you can make adjustments based on your results, or you can read up on ways other people have found to improve. Or preferably both, as appropriate/desired.

    So it's really both methods. using either alone won't get you as far, in my experience.
    Yes. This has been my experience in studying science. As an Ni-dom, I tend to start with background reading and research, so when I get to the hands-on part, I have an idea what the various pieces/parts are and what they do. At the same time, I find I never totally understand the theory until I see it firsthand in the lab, getting to turn the knobs myself and watch the effects. The two definitely reinforce each other in an iterative process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    So I've noticed that Se users need to physically do something in order to understand it. However, many Ni users that I have met can do something very strange indeed: Many Ni users that I know can literally watch youtube videos on something or read books on how to do something and then just do it. For instance, I have an INTJ brother who can literally just look at a math problem and not do any paper, nor pencil work and solve the problem perfect everytime. Also, my friend @Elfboy has INTJ friend who wasn't that great at wrestling and then just spend a long time reading books on wrestling for a while and then came back with a vengence and became state champion! It's like Ni users learn better from reading and studying how to do things, then actually doing them. Do you Ni users do this as well, and please explain to me how this works?

    I could be wrong but this is probably enneagram 5 thing above everything else. (and many Ni doms are e5 or at least w5)

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