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View Poll Results: Are you a Sensor or iNtuitive, and how fast do you read?

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  • I am Sensing and I read one page per minute

    1 6.25%
  • I am Sensing and I read one page in two minutes

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  • I am Sensing and I read one page in three minutes

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  • I am iNtuitive and I read one page per minute

    10 62.50%
  • I am iNtuitive and I read one page in two minutes

    3 18.75%
  • I am iNtuitive and I read one page in three minutes

    2 12.50%
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    There are stats that Ns read more books than Ss do ... and that Ns do better on the verbals on standardized tests, which could be related to more book-reading.
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    I think I read 600-800 wpm (probably a lot faster if I'm just skimming for content). I timed how fast I read a novel page just then and it was about 20 seconds, so I didn't vote (1 page per minute seems slow for a novel, although probably about right for information dense text).

    Quote Originally Posted by ptgatsby View Post
    I also read comparably fast online, which seems odd as well.

    This is starting to seem INTP - it's like opening up your mind and just dumping the information in... it all gets molded into some sort of story in your head as it gets yanked down but the understanding doesn't come from the actual words individually... there is no pondering, no hesitation in absorbing the information... no resistance. Seems very NP. The model I visualize seems very T - but maybe not... My family are huge literature buffs and the way they explain the way they read is very different, all are SFs.

    I wonder if there is a strong correlation (or causation!) between learning styles and type.
    Yeah, this is how I read and absorb novels. And for me, it's never one word at a time, it's skimming several lines simultaneously at a time, kind of reading bits of the same paragraph over again. I reread every para several times, which is meant to = slow reading, but I read fast despite this. Sometimes I do it deliberately to slow myself down in a novel to make it last longer.

    I'm not sure how much this is due to type. I'm INTP and so is my partner. He is a fairly slow reader. He's more methodical about it and doesn't usually read novels. I can skim and get an impression very quickly (even of quite technical information) whereas he doesn't really ever skim. much smoke pouring out of each chromosome.

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    I'm an INTJ and I can relate. I soak up data (stories, technical information, etc) without any effort whatsoever. What's weird is catching my mind in the process of optimizing the data it will write to permanent memory - some of the most surreal stuff I've ever seen where it's playing with ideas/thoughts/data in a completely introverted manner, then arranging said data into highly curious structures. I guess this is how I come up with such unique solutions to problems...

    I think the intake and processing is less personality than it is intelligence and/or optimization for learning.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HilbertSpace View Post
    You'd be better off having a mod reset the poll.

    However, I have to point out that reading a page per minute of Stephen King is different than reading a page per minute of difficult material.

    I took a speed reading course and although I've fallen out of practice, one of the main observations is that a lot of people read slowly because they allow their minds to wander, and so have to re-read material. What I found via personal experience agrees with what the speed reading folks say - that if you read faster in the first place, your mind has less tendency to wander because it is working harder to keep up with the information flow.

    The first real step is learning to not read out loud in your head - it slows your reading down to conversation speed when in reality you can take in the material much faster.
    yeah yeah! exactly! I was going to say, it matters what kind of material one is reading : ) like straight equations vs. a fiction book are quite different.

    Also, you point out that you had to approach reading a certain way for speed reading and I think that brings up some important ideas that more generally, for certain types of text there can be certain thinking styles and such that are better suited towards absorbing the information quicker and more accurately, so figuring out how to do that is mostly something that needs to be done through practice and many times a conscious effort. So in the end, reading quickly shows more correlation to time spent reading in general and practice, taking most weight off the idea that it is N vs S, though someone might argue that an N and S, even in this regard, will approach thinking styles differently. So whose to say? :o

    Quote Originally Posted by ptgatsby View Post
    That'd probably explain why sometimes I have gotten bad marks answering questions on boring stories I had to read... I make up a better one in my head.

    Though that does remind me of the time I taking a spanish test - except that I translated it into french on my final. It was a glorious way to fail.
    lol I was about to say something like this :p cause if we use our N, then that doesn't guarntee what we fill that space with will be correct. Sometimes I'll read something quick to get a general idea, then when I go back to do problems or something I'll read more indepth and have all these oohh! ahhh! moments ^_^

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