I guess this is the right section for this thread. Anyone here familiar with FACS?


The wikipedia page doesn't exactly explain how it can be used in a tangible way but I guess it gives an idea of what it's about. I did try teaching it to myself but the 500 page pdf requires an attention span of a J. But according to some source that I don't exactly remember, might've been a Derren Brown book, people proficient in the system can have an uncanny sense of seeing what people "think" or feel.

So I was sondering if theres any patterns of facial expressions that are prevalent in certain types? Or can you spot functions more easily if you know FACS? Is there differencies in quantity of different expressions between the types? I do remember wondering why some people somehow seemed the same with their reactions and overall vibe before getting familiar with MBTI, and I do think certain types have pretty standard ways of reacting only seen in that particular type, or maybe types with similar functions. But really I'm having hard time pinpointing those factors that create this impression, and I thought FACS might be the answer?

So I'd be really interested to know if anyone here is familiar with the system? And if it's been of use in combination with mbti?