name only one contemporary person for every type, but try to give one example for all types, or as many as you can.

this thread is not about who is 'actually' which type, or what this type is about (= which functions) but about your perspective on who is categorically not alike.

just come up with 16 different types, people who tick categorically differently.

actually 4-letter-code-labeling them, or determining how they tick (functions), shall be of secondary importance in this thread.

in fact you could come up with more than 16 types, if you feel like that's what the Territory (reality) offers. this shall be mostly about categorically differentiating the territory, not about filling out a given map (concept of differentiation). although it's impossible to separate the two approaches entirely.

we won't argue!

what matters here is only the coherence in your own mind.

so if your "esfp" are my "entj" i might still be able to learn something from your list, in terms of differenciating and without even sorting out, who is "right".

obviously people have different ideas about which type is which, given basic confusions about which type of perception is to be considered N or S or the like.

i find that all list of celebrities are somewhat mixed up and when one type is exemplified via individuals of two or three different types, then the whole list of examples for this type becomes mostly useless.

if you are entirely confident, that two individuals are of the same type, then you may name both, but take no risks!

or many of us tend to look too much into their favorite sector (like intuitives) and neglect the whole spectrum of all types. then we might end up typing all people according to their similarity to one of our favorite types, so maybe some Se doms appear to be Ni doms in our eyes (shadow concept).

so let's make humble baby steps and keep the whole picture in mind at the same time.