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    Default Something I noticed about function strengths

    I've noticed that when people talk about the relative strength of their cognitive functions that the introverted or extraverted counterpart of their dominant function is often one of their weakest functions. For example, I've often seen dominant Fi types talk about how weak their Fe is or dominant Ti types talk about how weak their Te is.

    This seems more apparent in introverts than extraverted types for some reason. Seems like dominant Fe types are better able to access Fi than dominant Fi types are better able to access Fe. This is just based on what I've observed on forums.

    I'm wondering how strong the extraverted or introverted counterpart of your dominant function is?

    I'm dominant Ti. The extraverted counterpart is Te. Ti is definitely stronger than Te but I wouldn't consider my Te weak. If I had to rank the strength of functions, Te would be somewhere in the middle.
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    My Te is somewhere in the lower middle. Below Ti Se Ni, maybe roughly the same level as Fe, higher than Fi and Si. Not sure about Ne, it's probably pretty low too.
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    While my Ni and Te switch on and off between which one's stronger (usually depending on whether I'm exercising daily or not), my Ne is my second weakest function, and my Ti is about average strength. (See my signature.)

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    By most every measure I can think of--strengths and preferences as decided by tests and research--Nx are both toward the top, Sx are both rock bottom, and Je are preferred over Ji.

    So, in my own estimation, I tend to prefer bringing in a boatload of relevant context, subverting expectations, generalizing, peering below the surface to what's 'really' going on, delving deep into core motivations, envisioning, reconciling disparate viewpoints, and broadening perspective over following instinct, acting in the moment, orienting toward detail and past impressions, and taking things as they are.

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    I don't usually see the dom. in the opposite attitude as the weakest. It's usually the inferior that is the weakest, and the tertiary as the next weakest. Which is what supports Lenore Thomson's "ship" order! (For me, it wasn't like that. While Ne was very strong, originally marked as strongest, Ni was always my weakest). IIRC, the dom. in the opposite order is usually in the middle somewhere, and sometimes right after the dom. and aux.

    The dom. int he opposite attitude would be understandably strong, because it is the backup of the dominant. It's the same function, just in the unpreferred orientation.
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