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    Default Teleology of the Types

    What is the role/purpose/destiny/contribution of each of the types? Each of the dominant functions?

    Why are some types more plentiful while others are more rare?

    What are the broader/existential implications of type? Are there any implicit mandates in order to obtain an ideal, or things that should take place in terms of our use/knowledge of it?

    How does typology fit into the bigger picture in terms of Jungian psychology, and ultimately the framework of life?

    Note: Please don't get hung up on the specific terms above - they are flexible to definition and largely placeholders, just meant to get the conversation going.

    (I’ve mused on this for years, and have some thoughts and things I've written down, but I’d love to hear everyone else’s. I've been thinking about starting this thread for a while, but the gumption was finally attained through a vent chat.)


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    Well...I just wanted to say I love the word "teleology". (And I don't see/hear it used enough!)

    I think, in a general sense, that NFs should maximize their abilities to facilitate human relationships, to help people get along with each other, to increase everyone's awareness of the strengths, weaknesses and sensitivities of...everyone.

    I do think that NFs can very easily fall into self-centered emo-ness (and I speak of all four types of NFs.) But if they use their sensitivity to not just feel sorry for themselves, but to help each other and generally increase fuzzy wuzzy good feelings all around (I'm actually kind of serious here), I think great things can happen.
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    I don't think there's any point to it. Depending on most "schools of thought" though, it's about relationships. Not self-understanding. Myers' book kind of says it all: "Gifts Differing". Keirsey as well. "Please Understand Me". Socionics is all about intertype relations. Someone should write another called "Know Your Enemy".

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    I would say it's both. One would be more able to understand their relationships if they had some understanding of themselves.
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