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    Default Common Sense/Business Savvy

    Types with the Least Common Sense/Business Savvy/ Manipulative/Persuasive Power. Types with the Most?
    I have some ideas revolving around dom Se's but i wanted to hear what other ppl thought

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    I think Te inferior would probably make the most potentially naive choices. But no one is truly immune.

    Funnily, Lenore Thomson, in her book, typed Elvis an ISFP (he's often typed ESFP), because of this. He let himself get screwed quite often, both with money and with career choices. He didn't want to think about that side of things, and his manager, the "Colonel", took advantage of it. As did the other sycophants in his life.

    If you mean salesmanship, then that's the last thing I care about. I don't have the patience for others like that either. I just want yes or no answers. Maybe in some cultures this is bad (my mom is from a bartering culture and she's mentioned before it would be).

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