i think of it as compiling feeling tones (verdicts) based on past similar experiences (Si). then weighing them like a judge. they're compiled into related cases, so the Fi feeler can skip steps and not have to sift thru them individually and feel them one-by-one, kind of skip to the conclusion of what the internalized discourse leads toward, and knowing that almost immediately from previous judgments.

but no, i have very little Fi. i don't do this. i make decisions based on the feelings of others and my own internal compass rooted in Ti principles, concepts, etc, and of course situated by the way in which my Ni big picture frames the problem. my Ti would be most similar to this Fi process, but in light of my dominant function, it is more abstracted and a bit more structured. more like a scaffolding and skeleton key i use to examine each possible perspective, rotating/turning, a series of scaled maps, etc.

judging functions are a way of synthesizing information. weighing them out to produce a ruling. introverted judging functions compile resources, store solutions, map out viable landmarks, index discourse, etc. extraverted judging irons out smooth articulations that can be negotiable and create helpful compromise after the fact, that can keep adapting beyond the letter of the law.