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    Default What kind of feelings/perceptions do you get from these examples?

    Imagine you were looking at different forms of media - written text, spoken word, moving picture, etc. Try to give at least one MBTI-like attribute to each of them. What does the given media represent to you? You can give other descriptive words non-related to MBTI, as well.

    If this is successfull, I will use these ideas to form a new MBTI-like test online.

    Here goes.

    The idea that you don't know what it is (or I've said it the wrong way) is valuable as well!

    -label on a medicine bottle
    -script of a new blockbuster action movie
    -wink wink (facial expression)
    -excel spreadsheet
    -youtube video of someone skateboarding
    -700-page textbook
    -pocket-size paper calendar
    -an email
    -a phone call to a friend
    -safety sheet of a chemical formulae
    -transcript of an interview
    -powerpoint demonstration
    -memo of a police interrogation
    -a graffiti
    -lightshow in a music festival
    -graphical computer demo at a computer festival
    -television commercial
    -public statement of a governmental office

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    So much of this depends on the context that it's hard to have type associations with several of these. Like a TV commercial or email. What is it about?
    Some I do get type associations with but I also know that context is important and it may not fit the stereotype. For example, I get an Fe association with a phone call to a friend but I also realize the phone call may just be to relay information rather than trying to connect on a personal level.
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    I can't verify that I understand what I'm supposed to do, but I'll try. I didn't know if you wanted MBTI categories assigned to these or just descriptive words and impression of each. I'll go back in and add a function to each. I didn't see anything that struck me as Ni or Ne.

    -label on a medicine bottle: (Te)
    This is authoritarian and requires trust. The content will impact me in some way and I am in a position to believe what has been printed and follow the instructions or I could be personally harmed.

    -script of a new blockbuster action movie: (Ti/e-Se) Abstraction of something intended to be very concrete. What is an action movie without the special effects and sensory presentation. It has potential to be boring and redundant since it is a commercialized endeavor.

    -wink wink (facial expression): (Fe) This implies personalized connection which can be reassuring if there is trust, could instill a sense of trust, but could also create a sense of fear and intrusion if the winker is alien or unfamiliar.

    -excel spreadsheet: (Te) An attempt at accuracy and accounting for data points. It projects some kind of system or big picture, but because of the simplicity of the form is likely a fragmented way of understanding one aspect of something. An attempt at comprehensive, but by nature limited.

    -youtube video of someone skateboarding: (Se) Primarily social demonstrating physicality and fun. Probably meant to impress and inspires other kids.

    -700-page textbook: (Te/i) An attempt at thoroughness on a subject. Useful as a reference and hopefully has a good glossary, indexes, and summaries.

    -pocket-size paper calendar: (Te-Si) Personal attempt at organization. Implies responsibility and consistency.

    -an email: Responsibility and work which must be done. Impersonal, pragmmatic because it doesn't intrude in specific time like the phone, and is available to use as future reference.

    -a phone call to a friend: (Fe/i)
    Personal and direct.

    -safety sheet of a chemical formulae: (Te-Si) Authoritarian and can personal impact if not followed correctly.

    -transcript of an interview: (Te/i): Responsibility, anxiety, responses must be accurate, but also as positive as possible. Not purely objective, but verifiably truthful.

    -powerpoint demonstration: (Te) Information reduced to simple outline presented slowly for the entire group to comprehend. It is group oriented breaking down of information.

    -memo of a police interrogation: (Te) Authoritarian, intimidating.

    -a graffiti: (Se-Fi/e) Defiance, an attempt to impose a sense of self on a world that threatens to stifle and dismiss.

    -lightshow in a music festival: (Se) Sensational, and group oriented. Not intended to convey meaning or information, but to collectively thrill an audience.

    -graphical computer demo at a computer festival: (Ti-Se) Intended to impress or thrill one individual at a time. The information must be communicated quickly and with an impact.

    -television commercial: (Se-Fe)Coercion and manipulation to get money. not intended to convey truth or facts. Meaningless interruption.

    -public statement of a governmental office: (Fe-Si-Te) Authoritarian and manipulative. Not intended to convey truth, but to convey a narrative that will appeal to the largest number of people.

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