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    uhm, let's try this

    • female ENFj 6w7 so/sx - Girlfriend and soulmate, bound together for eternity, so on and so forth, etc.
    • female ESFJ 1w2 sp/sx - Great friends when we're actually on the same planet. Also happens to be my sister.
    • male ENTP 7w6 so/sp - Does whatever he wants to do.. sometimes, it includes me or other people, but very rarely. Great sounding board for ideas and listens to pretty much any wild-ass idea that I have about anything. Also happens to be my dad.
    • male ENFP 6w5 so/sp - gee, we get each other!
    • male ENFJ 2w3 sx/so - good flippin' mentor right here
    • male ESTJ 1w9 so/sp - Eh, once in a while. We're better when we're doing stuff together rather than talking, though.
    • female ISFJ 2w1 sp/so - Also great when we're on the same planet, but that doesn't happen so frequently. Also happens to be my mom.
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    Well, I am with my family quite a bit lately, so I will include them, too. Most of my friend typings are best guesses. Family is confirmed MBTI, best guess enneagram.


    Female ESFJ 2w1 so - My mother. We are good friends, and enjoy shopping together. She helps me keep my practical things in order and I help her with her daily tasks and future planning, since my father is not a planner. She is the matriarch of the nuclear family.

    Male INTP 6w5 sp - Dad. Incredibly intelligent and a good sense of humor, but also blunt and can rant like no one's business. We enjoy intellectual humor together, and bitching about politics. Has a tendency to hole himself up with his hobbies.

    Male INTP 9w8 so - Younger brother. Laid back and goofy, and a better and better friend as the years go by. We like being lazy together.


    Male ESFJ 6w7 sp - Significant other. Warm and dedicated, headstrong and enthusiastic. Through him I am learning how to quiet my racing push-pull anxieties and enjoy life.

    Female ENFJ 3w4 sp - College friend. We were inseparable before we moved apart. Our friendship began over mutual complaining and continues as such. I always appreciate her Ni viewpoint.

    Female ESFP 7w6 so - High school friend. We text a lot and see each other less. We have rather different interests but enjoy going on adventures together. She is effusive and social.

    Female ISFJ 6w5 sp - High school friend. She is living abroad right now, and we chat often. Can be moody and particular but also genuine and down to earth, with an easy friendliness.

    Female ESFJ 2w1 so - College friend. Warm and fun, hard working and hard partying. We enjoy getting drinks together and just talking about life.

    Male ENFJ 2w3 sx - Significantly older coworker. @bologna's mention of an ENFJ mentor prompts me to include him - he is absolutely my mentor. Positive and organized, very attuned to motivation and people's moods and attitudes, dedicated and responsible.

    Clearly, there is a predominance of Fs in my friend group, as well as extraverts. I have joked in the past about "collecting" ExFJs... it is no joke!

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    Let's see...

    • male ENFP 7w6 Sp/Sx: Such a great guy. Although he sometimes comes off as crude and inconsiderate in public, he actually has a very sweet, funny, and silly side to him, and I can trust him with anything. Being a Type 6, this guy is wonderfully supportive of me, even when I vent all my constant self-doubts and self-loathing I have. He keeps his distance at first, but once he opens up to you, he reveals his warm, fuzzy, intimate side -- if he likes you. He's just so comforting and fun to be around that I don't even care about his criticism, condescending attitude, and resentment that he sometimes displays.

    • male INTJ 5w4 Sx/Sp: An amazing and worthwhile friend. I met him in elementary school, and we have been steady friends since. Although he sometimes becomes slightly misanthropic and isolated, he is a good, caring person for the most part. He's not the most emotional guy that I would prefer him to be, but he's always willing to listen and help me with his rational, Ni-dominated advice (this is good to balance out my irrationality). On top of that, he likes to have a good time, loves to laugh, and is constantly looking at the bright side of things (except for maybe when he went through several of depression phases where he was rejected by some girls). He may not be the most socioable or emotional person in the world, but he has an inner romantic, intimate side that makes him eye on other girls. When he's not being a goof, romantic, or depressent, he can sometimes become very philosophical and deep-thinking.

    • male INTP 5w4 Sp/Sx: Pretty much my life-long friend. We were closer when we were younger, but we still share an everlasting bond. He's definitely not the most healthy, stable person in the world (he has a few medical problems), but he's a real kick to be around when he shares his adventurous, whacky side (although this is sometimes cut short because he has such a short attention span lol). When he's unsettled though, he usually becomes reclusive, cynical, impatient, bitter, nitpicky, and depressed. What's so conflicting about this is that he seems to always say he's lonely! It might be annoying to an outsider, but after a while, you get used to his push-pull behavior and enjoy it sometimes. At times, his mind wonders to dark, fantasical things because he seems to both scared and fascinated by it. He often expresses this through written works, such as poems. And he's also drawn to darker music, like screamo, and also more depressing music, like indie. His inner conflict is very evident in his demeanor and appearance. But he's a good person. He also has idealistic communist ideals and idolizes the likes of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin. All the while, he has a rational mind and sometimes gets impatient with people who get influenced by feelings. Even though I have made him out to be this dark, disturbed person (which he somewhat is), he's also a good friend and is sometimes exciting to be around.

    • male ENFP 7w8 Sx/So: This friend I have known the longest. But, even though I have known him the longest and he is a good friend, I wouldn't say that I know him the best. Nevertheless, I know him well enough to describe him. He's ALWAYS looking for something to stimulate his mind, whether it be a video game, a sport, a puzzle, talking to (a) friend(s), talking to girls, socializing, eating -- you name it. But that's what makes him so fun to be around. He's constantly looking to have a good time, and he's laughs all the time. At times, he likes to spit out his funny (and crazy) Ne ideas and fantasize about stuff. We exchange ideas and stuff when we hang out together, but he wears me out! I am, after all, only an Ne-aux! That being said, he isn't perfect and sometimes becomes resentful of certain people and gets involved with silly fights and the like. He likes to take sides in these situations, even when I'm in the opposition, but it all depends on how he is feeling at that particular moment. Basically, he does whatever he feels like doing at the time. This sometimes leads him to be impatient. On top of that, he sometimes gets in touch with his 8 wing, and when he does and someone is messing with him, he'll say something like, "Bitch, you better not fuck with me." But overall, he's a cool person to be around, even though he doesn't care about other people that much.

    • female ENFP 8w9/7w8 hybrid Sx/Sp: Although I'm not too close to her, I'm not too sure of her extraversion. But, she seems to use enough Ne and Te for me to conclude that she is just a rather introverted ENFP. She's wildly into fantasy and adventure and LOVES to roleplay. She constantly has a thirst for adventure close to her heart. She's also a very heavy fantasy reader. To me, it seems like she uses this as an outlet to escape the horrible real-world problems, as she is horribly pessimistic. She was born into a very Christian household, so I can't blame her for being Christian moralist... but it has influenced her to the point of somewhat radical conservatism. It aches me, because I care about her so deeply (as I have had a mad crush on her for over two years... I really love her to death). This is where her 8 personality comes in. She seems almost paranoid of the government having too much power, and this leads her to be somewhat proactive libertarian. She likes to say things like, "The government just needs to get the fuck out of everybody's lives." She thinks that this mindset is what conservatives believe in, but she is misguided, I'm afraid. She is similar to my older INFJ 8w7 Sx/So sister in that regard. There is no sure-fire way to ensure that the government has minimal power, but it certainly starts with restricting businesses so that they can't lobby politicians into favorable legislation for themselves. Conservatives support these large corporations, so this couldn't work. But anyway, she's also very indepedent and has somewhat of a temper. Although she naturally has a good heart and is a very loving person, she can somewhat get cold with people and "Te bitchslap" their ass when she gets impatient or frustrated by them. Most of the stuff she gets mad at people for things like guilt-trips, being two-faced, being fake/conformist and acting to be individualistic, being disrespectful, being idiotic, and other things like that. The thing she's most passionate about though, I'd say, is love for animals and feeling very repulsed by animal abuse. She just absolutely despises people who disregard animal life. And from what I have said about her, she seems like an extravert, but the reason why I think she seems like an introvert is because she can be very withdrawing from people and retreats into her own little Ne + Fi world and doesn't care about the social realm at all. However, she is chatty around her close friends.

    • male ENFP 4w3 Sx/Sp: This guy is somewhat psychotic and a very interesting character. In public and around most other friends, he's fine. During these times, he likes to laugh and make all kinds of random, silly jokes with his Ne craziness and likes to play games, but at other times when he is alone around me (I think he trusts me more than most of his friends), he reveals some... scary and dark stuff. He's a hopeless romantic and sex buff at the same time, but whenever he experiences the intensities he thinks he wants to experience, he seems afraid of it (I'm guessing due to him being an 8) and becomes detached. It's like he can't seem to conjoin his sexual desires with his emotions very well. Indeed, he is emotional, but it seems like he separates his sexual desires from his emotions. And he desires intimacy, but he's also afraid of it. And when he gets attached to a girl emotionally, he becomes so upset and resentful when it doesn't work out between them. He told me that the two main girls that he has liked, he wishes that they experience, "LOTS AND LOTS OF SUFFERING," and he wants them to know that he hates them and wishes death on them. But before gets resentful like that, he becomes very depressed, nihilistic, and suicidal, and he loves to write dark poems during these periods. But, because of these bad experiences with his love life, he has serious trust issues, which sometimes makes him appear to be a Type 6. But that's not all. He's also so fascinated with ideas that he alternates and goes through phases of certain religions and political stances. He's been all over the spectrum. And he can't make up his mind on this issue lol.

    EDIT: The similarities I'm seeing is that I tend to like So-lasts, ENFP 7 and 8s, and INTx 5s.
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