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    INFP's have been, on the whole, the best friends that I have ever had. They are remarkably level-headed (the one's I've known), and highly intuitive about others. They may not be engineers, but when it comes to friendship, that hardly matters.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skip Foreplay View Post
    INFP's have been, on the whole, the best friends that I have ever had. They are remarkably level-headed (the one's I've known), and highly intuitive about others. They may not be engineers, but when it comes to friendship, that hardly matters.
    Touched! I wish I had more NTs in my life.

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    INTJ male: Met in grade school. Were best friends. Had longstanding crush on him into early 20ies. He wanted a cheerleader, not a short, pale, awkward and unpopular INFP. Still friends, but not super close.

    INTP male: Great friend. Effortless, uninhibited, fun conversation. Closest friend right now.

    ESTJ male: My husband, who I can talk with about a decent number of things, and who balances me out. He's really cute.

    INFJ female: Actually my mom, but we are super close and can talk about anything.

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    Huh, well. Out of the closest friends:

    ISFP- She's truly one of those day-dreamy, sentimental sorts. It's fascinating because for the most part, we have the same interests, but for opposite reasons. She's also so genuinely goodhearted, I feel kind of guilty about myself sometimes.

    ENTP- A genuine blast. We have the most fun arguments, and when we go out, we tear up the town. It's a good thing we end up agreeing on most things, because the things we don't agree on can spark long running, heated debates that will have everyone else around us beating their heads up against the wall within the week. When we get together, it's double trouble.

    ISTP- He's one of those super quiet, stoic dudes, but if you actually start talking to him, you realize that he's actually just keeping under wraps the most bizzare, entertaining sense of humor ever. We don't talk too much, but tend to hang out often. It's one of those silent understandings, if that makes any sense at all.
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    estp-good guy.
    isfj-cowardly guy. (in a good way).
    isfp-quitely mellow girl.
    enfp-extremely talkative and quirky girl.

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    Aww I like this thread! It's very interesting for me to read these mini profiles.

    ENFP: This is my most emotionally fulfilling relationship. Some of my past girlfriends have insisted I not see her anymore, which has always backfired on them. They are replaceable, she is not. When I Fi-Si navel gaze she walks up to me with her sexy Ne and says: 'Here are your options: you can sit here with your head up your ass, OR, we can write a hip-hopera about pant suits.' The only person I feel safe to bicker with, and the only person I can say: "I love you" to and mean it. She hates to be alone, is charmingly neurotic, she's a gifted painter and also something of a left-wing activist. She is my confidante, wingman, creative collaborator, and personal stylist. We are essentially married.

    INTP: I am his only friend, and he calls me his one connection to the world of people. I am the Watson to his Holmes. Others are either puzzled or intimidated by him. His face betrays no expression and he is exceedingly reclusive. On the rare occasions he speaks, he reveals a startling storehouse of knowledge and an acerbic wit. He is obsessed with languages and ancient cultures. He almost never compliments me directly, but I infer I have his respect because he shares all his theories and research with me.

    ISTJ: She is my most loyal friend, which is saying something! Some think she's cold, but I suspect it's because she is a techie and has a monotone voice. She is a very caring person, even if she isn't always comfortable with my emotional rants. We have been living a great distance apart for 4 years now, and we may be closer than ever.She has a dry wit, and has basically committed every episode of Arrested Development, Futurama, The Simpsons and The Office to memory.

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    ISFP - I hate her so much because I love her so much. She is like obsessed witht he most ridiculous materialistic obsessions. She wants to be a model. She is so dreamy and unrealistical. Reallly good friend. Makes me feel bad sometimes though. She is soo emotionally supportive and I am always like crushing her dreams. I'm like her baby sitter and she's like a 6 year old who makes me realize how terrible it is to be a responsible adult. Despite me making her sound so terrible. She's like my best friend.

    INTP - Also a female. She's...Interesting. She often hides her INTP personality because in our judgmental school she would so easily be labeled a freak or a weirder. She's afraid of being left out for some reason. She likes to listen but not to talk. She always calls me annoying. Smacks me on various occasions. But she's my friend and she knows it.
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    ESFP 7w6 sx/so: Really fun and hilarious, most laughing of all my friends, most inside jokes.
    ISFJ 2w1 sp/sx: Talk to her the most on a day to day basis, been friends for a really long time, best conversations, really good listener and understanding of my stuff.
    ISTJ 9w8 sp/sx: Just been around a really long time, our conversations are kind of boring, so for the most part I just try to get together with her so we can do stuff. Less talking, more activity. If I want to get her to talk I ask her about her most recent goal or project.
    ENFP 6w7(?) so/sx: Usually traveling all over the world and making friends everywhere she goes, I'm often the listener in this relationship, she always has a story to tell.

    These are my safety net people who I really trust, and trust is a big huge thing for me. (Hence SJ's, those two happen to be sisters and I consider them like my sisters.)

    I have many more but we're getting out of the "dearest" zone and I'm not really in the mode to explain everyone in my life. Only the ESFP lives close but I've got other friends around here who are just newer to my life.

    Friends around here include entj 1w2, enfj 3w2, esfj 6w7, infp/(j)? unknown enneagram (I've known this girl so long and she has so many mental problems that it's really hard to really narrow down the labels) , isfp 4w3, esfp 7, exfp 7w6
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    Great thread!
    Quote Originally Posted by Porcelain Hearts View Post
    Do you make friends easily? Are there certain types you gravitate towards or do you keep a diverse group of friends? What do you like/not like about them?
    I make friendly acquaintances very easily, but I don't make close/dear friends easily at all. It's fun to have a wide variety of people to chat with, watch movies with, share interesting information with, and yet stay comfortably distant from. But true friends, i.e. friends who are worth the effort of removing that emotional distance, take a lot of time to make.
    All your friends are different so what pattern is the existing trait between them all?
    With one or two exceptions:
    They don't think I'm intimidating, like some people do
    They think I'm funny
    They are kind, honest, and respectful people, and aren't jerks
    We share key values (not politically, but morally; e.g. truthfulness, respect)
    I know that I have their loyalty, if I need it
    We're rarely at a loss of things to talk about
    We're there for each other
    If I open up to them, they'll be supportive <-- This is one of the most important to me

    My closest friends:

    ENFP female, 2w3: On previous threads I mistyped her as ENTP because she is so grounded and honest with everyone; one of the most no-bullshit people I have ever met. Because of her enneagram (I think?), she comes across as being cool, calm and in control, and because of her Te she always seems like she has a plan -- but that's a total lie. Anything she wants to do, she'll do, no matter what. There's almost no boundary between her impulses and her actions. As a result of this, she's convinced herself that she's "not meant for college" and has started a modeling career even though her eventual life goal involves pharmaceuticals and international health. It took me years and years to stop shaking my head incredulously at everything she does, and to accept her for who she is, but now that I have, she's a friend that I know I'll have for a lifetime.

    INFJ male, probably 9w1: My longest-lasting friend, as I first met him in sixth grade (meaning we've been friends for 9 years now). He's an unfortunate victim of an under-disciplined and closed-minded household... meaning, he's afraid of new things, he's sensitive, he's supremely indecisive (common quote to girlfriend: "What should I have for lunch today?"), and, most importantly, he can't get his shit together. But thanks to being in a relationship with someone who helps him grow as a person, he's been actively trying to mature and gain self-discipline, enough to become mentally capable of returning to university and finishing a computer science degree. You may be saying to yourself "Why is EJCC friends with him?" and the answer is that he's the kindest, gentlest, and most loyal person I've ever met, and he is always surprising me with insights about people and about the world.

    ENFJ male, 3w2: Training to be a psychologist, overcoming a traumatic childhood to become the only well-adjusted person in his family. Deep and cerebral (and the sort of person who can talk to someone nonstop for over five hours), but prone to extremely abrupt bouts of silliness. Kind of high-drama (which is the only reason why I don't wish I was dating him right now). I've talked about him a lot on this forum, in various places.

    Other close friends that aren't quite close enough for me to call at 3am or cry around:
    - Two snarky and sarcastic INTJ females (who don't know each other but would probably like each other) -- one is a budding artist, one is heading for law school in a year
    - A raging idealist ENTJ female -- biology major, volunteers as a math tutor for underprivileged kids
    - A sweet and kind (but totally hipster) INFx male 9w1
    - A dry, no-frills, no-bullshit ISTJ -- math and physics major, might go into engineering
    - Crazy INxP female who tests as INFJ -- also a math and physics major, and as unstructured and go-with-the-flow as my ENFP friend
    - Several INFJ females
    - Etc.
    Please, discuss the dynamic between your friends (or enemies, if you prefer).
    The INFJ male and ENFP female are in a committed, long-term relationship that has lasted about 5 years. The ENFP female has met the ENFJ male and they hit it off instantly. I think it's because we have all been unusually mature for our age, and that's why I get along so well with the two of them -- so it's only natural that they'd recognize immediately that they operate on the same (higher) wavelength.
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    I don't know their MBTI types because I can't get my definitions right but here are the types of my friends:

    Fe-ENFj 7w6 sx/so (BFF) - Best person EVAR to hang out with. Her presence makes me do all sorts of ridiculous things -- like the time where I deep-throated a chocolate coated vanilla ice-lollipop in front of the counter of McDonalds -- and she is so funny! Her humor incorporates lots of funny word plays and sexual innuendos (I'm ANALyzing him HAHAHAHAHAHA) and plain sarcasm. I love her so much and I want to keep her for the rest of my life. Her views also tend to be liberal -- matches mine and we seem to get along; we speak the same language but we're completely different. I guess that's what makes it so awesome.

    (will add more later)
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