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    Default Main problem we have with relationships, and how can MBTI solve it

    My question:

    In two paragraphs:

    1. How would you describe to someone the problems/flaws we have in our current way of dating people (aka. meeting someone who happens to be in our social/geographic proximity and dating them if they are "good" enough)


    2. How would you convince someone that MBTI is a useful tool for us to use in relationships?

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    MBTI is very useful in relationships because it helps us to understand why other people act that way that they do. I think that most relationship disagreements are based on two people who look at the world in two different ways. I had an ISTJ aquaintence that used to insult me every time she saw me. She would say, "Your pant leg is stuck in your boot," or something similar. I used to think she hated me. Then I read about ISTJ's and found out that when they critique someone they are actually trying to help them. Now I don't get annoyed as much when she does that, because I realize that she is trying to be helpful.

    The biggest problem in dating is that it really is better to date someone that you know well, from seeing them interact with people at work or church, etc. but then your dating pool is really limited to a small number of people.

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    I agree with Lily flower. Even though a lot of people will resist typing, or as they might say aka "pigeon-holing", if they let you type them or take a test to determine what their type most likely is, it really helps. How to convince someone, well I'm not too good at convincing, sad to say. But, what I have done is tell them, especially if they are close to me, that it could help our relationship. Since I understand a lot of MBTI, sure it might not help them as much if they aren't willing to listen about it, but it will help you understand them better, therefore possibly improving the relationship.

    To me, dating is really a diverse land of social-ness. Sure, there are many problems with it at times, but mostly because people don't understand the other well in the early stages of relationships. Like, thinking they are in love after 5 days, for example. Most people aren't, unless they've known each other for awhile. Otherwise, dating can go any which way, it's whatever works better for the person, either they met in real life, or online, etc.
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