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Thread: F vs Fi and Fe?

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    Question F vs Fi and Fe?

    Is the F in the MBTI supposed to be the combination of your Fi and Fe cognitive functions?

    The MBTI confuses me because my Fi from Jungian functions is very well defined, but my F vs T in the MBTI is rarely defined well.

    I know they are different things, but isn't there supposed to be some relationship between them?

    If F was the combination of Fi and Fe though that would make sense since my Fe is very weak...

    I just don't understand this, can anyone clarify?

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    F in type code indicates that you prefer Fi or Fe over Ti or Te. If you have FP in your type code, it means that your F is oriented introverted, so you have Fi(and dont have Fe if you are INFP) and yoir extraverted judgment is T, so you have Te, not Ti and prefer Fi over Te. FJ types use Fe and prefer it over their Ti. TJ uses Fi and Te, but prefer Te over Fi. TP types use Ti and Fe and prefer Ti over Fe.

    Everyone has all functions, S N F T, but the orientation of these functions differ between types, so does the preferred functions.
    "Where wisdom reigns, there is no conflict between thinking and feeling."
    — C.G. Jung


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    one way i have read to think of Fi and Fe is like two directions on the "conveyor belt" of F. usually, the more of one you utilize, the less of the other you will understand. being an F, you will understand the objective (human flourishing), but not the processing, of the other function, because it works in the opposite direction. conveyor belts are round, of course, so you both (Fi and Fe users) end up getting to the same place (mutual caring and understanding), but Fi is attuned to intrapersonal issues while Fe is attuned to interpersonal issues. the more time you spend on one, the less time you will have for the other.

    and actually, strong-Fi INFPs can end up being more like INTPs because the nature of the Fi function is very similar to the nature of the Ti function (both being idealistic, perfectionistic, internal-system-checking functions).

    so it very much makes sense that if you feel very strongly about your Fi, then you feel closer to a T than a Fe user.

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