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Make it about them, not you. By that I mean that if you're truly interested in the people you interact with and are kind to them without constantly relating everything back to *you*, things will probably improve (this is about giving I suppose). When you're knocked down and feel rejected, just brush it off (learn to interpret/contextualise rejection correctly) and get up and try to form a connection again, think positive...reward yourself for interactions that you feel satisfied about - try to really enjoy people's company (but it's ok not to sometimes too! It helps not to rely on external signals only to determine whether an interaction went well). Sometimes you don't click with a person, sometimes they're in a bad mood or feel anxious themselves and that's why interactions don't feel so great. Some people you can interact with, but can't really connect with that easily, they aren't always one and the same. Keep practicing till you've created new behavioral patterns in your mind. And give it time, lots of time. In the mean time explore yourself, get to know yourself (this isn't so self-evident for INTJs IME and helps with the boosting of your core self-esteem saturned mentioned and with supplementing the external signals with internal signals) and rest assured there are people out there who would love to get to know you, you're worth getting to know, having fun with etc.

Also my ESTP brother is far more extraverted, but also far less social than I am, so myeah.
Probably the best advice you can take. Extroverts have the ability to see the connecting thread throughout the social situation. Get to know a social group on a general level; where their interests are, etc. Also if you make fun of someone or a situation, it's usually something someone is thinking, but hasn't said. The elephant in the room suddenly becomes an inside joke within the group.

By the way, I just realised this is far too analytical for an extrovert to bother with lol "what's this, a psychology class?". Something we can take from them is to be in the moment. Don't brood too much in your head or you'll miss out on material you can use.