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    At first I guessed that it was a representation of some kind of 4 dimensional shape.
    I don't see any invisible treasure chests.

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    Yes, at very first glance, it looks like some sort of tesseract projection. The prominent cube is the first whole shape that became obvious to me.
    However, there are six line segments meeting at each apex, where the tesseract would only have four (matching the dimensionality). It can't be a 6-cube (or "hexeract"), because that has a lot more lines in it.

    What it looks like is a 6-simplex, which is basically a 6D counterpart to a triangle or tetrahedron. (Same principle; the number of lines meeting at an apex matches the dimension). Looking at it further, you see it has triangles as well.
    Higher polytope projection diagrams often resemble lower polygons encasing polygrams (stellated polygons) all sharing common apices.

    I know, to me, it's just Si's recollection of higher dimensional geometry projections.
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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    But you see everyone has seen 3d objects more than 2d objects. Tv and computers constantly show 3d shapes in 2d surface. The gradient i added(or actually just made it stronger) is whats called an monocular cue of distance, which is the third dimension, so even tho its just a computer screen you see the cube in, its not a "flat" surface that the cube is on
    True, but even with the gradient there is a difference between the interpretation of lines and the interpretation of more reality-representative images on a tv or computer screen. Another lesson of drawing class is that reality doesn't have lines

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    I thought it was a connected rectangle. Cube was my second choice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by INTP View Post
    Do you find it hard to understand what shape this is? Were you even able to get it right before reading the spoiler?


    Ps. Carved it on my ukulele
    My problem was knowing how to narrow down the possibilities. Instead I started creating it in my mind and making the points bump out until I realized it was actually a cube.

    Eventually I will get to the bottom of what something is, but without any references, I like making sure I run through the list of infinite possibilites first. The first answer is rarely the right answer... especially with the weird way I think... It's kind of like Cinderella's stepsisters trying to fit the glass slipper on their aircraft carrier feet: "I'll MAKE IT FIT!!" etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LunaLuminosity View Post
    True, but even with the gradient there is a difference between the interpretation of lines and the interpretation of more reality-representative images on a tv or computer screen. Another lesson of drawing class is that reality doesn't have lines
    There may not be lines in reality, but people do perceive lines
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    just made this (using "fast stone capture") because i wanted to see it with vanishing point perspective. far from perfect obviously. not a perfect cube and lines cross each other when they should penetrate each other. but with this perspective there are no lines hiding other lines behind them, so there is no hiding of the dimensions, no danger of anyone assuming this to be a flat bunch of lines, i guess.

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    At first I thought it was a diamond, but then I thought that was too obvious and saw it as a cube; I also saw it as a pyramid or a rhombus. Still I don't think there is a one "true" answer for this, but then again who am I to tell the person who created it what it is.
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    I saw, a "diamond" like shape.

    I saw 2 hexagonal pyramids and a hexagon for the so called "cube." These two hexagonal pyramid connected to the hexagonal box in the center by their bottoms.

    Reasoning? When you look at the two sides, you eyes seems to look at it as a 4-sided pyramid. Upon closer examination, you starting seeing a 6-sided pyramid. That 6-sided pyramid, makes you imagine that the cube in the center, is definitely not a cube. The center just reminds me of a lot of lines :\

    Ok, I'm done with the talk.

    But ehhh, whatever you intended it to be. Heck, I could give you all sorts of possibilities, none of them being a 3-d cube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortnsweet View Post
    "you can't get a diamond out of that even though it looks like a diamond." Okay, I didn't realize there was one "true" answer to this- you're saying that you must fold the shape or see it 3-D in your mind. My geometry/ spatial reasoning has admittedly gone south since highschool. I also pictured a hang glider or a parachute or wings, or those little paper things that you make that you write words on that kids make, but not a cube.
    That's okay. I was expecting some formal name to the object, not the obvious descriptive phrase that was given.
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