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I find at my workplace that I'm always the one defending other people from criticism. A select group of co-workers are usually complaining that people are slow and lazy, they're all thinkers. I'm the one saying "wait a minute, that guy is new... of course he's going to be slow, he's adjusting, he's got no friends to motivate him and he's on a lower wage than you".

My brother and friends tell me that I'm quicker to defend other people than I am to defend myself.

Is there such a thing as merciful, MBTI Thinkers?
I am also an INTP and find myself doing exactly the same thing as you. There's logical basis to it though. Displays of mercy, love, and kindness will actually produce better results than the opposite of those things. I also put myself in the shoes of others automatically. It's possible I've become more of an F lately, but I think it's just the inferior Fe giving an extreme need for social harmony. I get really uncomfortable around mean-spiritedness and even constructive criticism said in an antagonizing way.