Has anyone ever wondered what odd type selections put together could possibly be like? For example, when I look under people avatars on this site and see their JCF, Enneagram, and Socionics types, I sometimes think to myself how certain combinations would yeild interesting people. I mean, a INFP 4w5 IEI or ENTP 7w8 ILE may be somewhat common or ordinary, but something like INFJ 8w7 EIE would probably one interesting hell of a type. Well that is the goal of this thread; to mix and match different types and forsee what those types might be like.

And without further ado, letsa go!


Such a person would be like a storehouse of vibrant energy and stunning charisma, capable of attracting and leading many people. Fe dominance and 4w3 would drive the individual towards possible artistic expression, probably in perfomring arts, which grants the person to fit into different external social roles while seeking a sense of self. Also, socionics Se would lead such a person to take action and get shit done, making them an excelletn leader, as well as a reliable one considering that they would accomplish things in a conventioan a manner (Si) while sometimes exploring new ideas and possibilities (Ne).


Such a person would clearly be extraverted and expressive; 8w7's powerful and gregarious attittude combined with socionics Fe's emotional expression creates a person with magnetic and thundering persona. Such a person would follow certain ideals that may be associates with the external well being of society (Ni+Fe) and accomplish these goals with sheer force of will and spirit (8w7). They would also be pleasent to hang around with, driving an emotional atmosphere (socionics Fe) while ensuring a good level of aesthetic comfort (socionics Si).


This person would have a great desire to learn and investigate matters concerning their secuirty in the world; they'd be very skeptical and cerebral. However w7 and IEI would make the person dreamy and freindly; once they trust someone they would appreciate that person as a strong freind. They may spend quite amount of time sitting around thinking about certain issues while asking those close to them for feedback concerning their conspiracy-esq theories.

Now you give it a try