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    From my college days:

    ISFP man - a design class, laid-back, semi-elitist attitude (e4 written all over him), sarcastic humor, got to the point quickly when teaching, students liked him because he was casual
    ISFJ woman - another design class, very nice, encouraging, a little too by-the-book
    INFJ woman - another design class, weird mix of timid & composed, very business-like & formal, always seemed a little frustrated
    ENxP man - a multimedia class, loud, talkative, nice guy, liked to shoot ideas around, enthusiastic, very fair in critiquing students
    ISTx ? man - a design theory class, very popular with the students because he was nice & calm & knowledgeable, a very good teacher, very quiet & reserved
    xNTJ woman - a science class, classic nerdy know-it-all type (students called her "Daria"), very opinionated, very confident & poised, serious but sometimes sarcastic in a light-hearted way, friendly & fair though
    ISFx ? woman - art history, a total moron, sicky-sweet nice, disorganized, no one could stand her
    INFP woman - another art history class, she looked & even acted like Patti Smith. Weird, hippy, arty, warm but in a quiet way, knowledgeable about art, encouraging, very sincere
    INFJ man - a multimedia class, everyone hated this guy, manipulative, told lies, needy, insecure, not a good teacher, creepy
    ENFJ woman - English class, I really liked her at first because she was friendly, silly, and engaging; but then she got weird. She also lied & was manipulative, and she was hot & cold with students. Her expectations changed a lot with little notice. She resented when students didn't make over her. She was very braggy.
    IxTP man - a video production class, kind of a jerk, snappy with students, seemed condescending even when he tried to be nice
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    ENFJ: way too idealistic, condescending, got on my nerves but everyone else loved her
    ENFJ man: math, way too idealistic, knew how to woo students, kinda sensed insecurity in him because he tried to posture like an alpha male (fixing his hair, fiddling with his belt, hand in his back pocket), became self-deprecating if students did not laugh at his jokes. He was the most effective prof I have had.

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