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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    MBTI is astrology for the college educated.

    MBTI is not a personality test, it is a cult from the discredited guru and astrologer, Carl Jung.

    And just as astrology is a form of manipulation, so is MBTI.

    If we are sincere in wishing to have our personality tested, we go to a qualified psychometrician who will use a valid and reliable personality test and interpret the results.

    But no one here has had their personality tested by a psychometrician, because they believe the cult of MBTI with help them manipulate themselves and others.

    Why do we do this?

    We do this because we live in a culture of manipulation, whether it is pop culture or television, pornography, drugs or quick money, and we want our cut. And we think MBTI will help us get it.
    Why do you see everyone as being manipulative? Why do you see people as all being nasty and wrongful, and greedy?
    And, I realize you are well-liked here and all and don't want to imply that you shouldn't be here.....
    But, why are you here if you don't like MBTI?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ICUP View Post
    But, why are you here if you don't like MBTI?
    I was discovered by Geoff on a site for the gifted. And Geoff invited me to join Central. Geoff told me Central was a tolerant and well run site, as it is, thanks to the moderators.

    And naturally I knew nothing of MBTI before I joined MBTI, but when I did my due diligence, I discovered MBTI has the same truth value as astrology.

    So I stay because Central is a tolerant and well run site.

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    To the OP,

    Like others have said, it isn't an exact science, and there's no one fool-proof method to finding your type. Also, everyone's an individual, and no one will fit a type exactly.

    But that being said, IMHO, the best way to have a chance at accurately finding your type is to study the cognitive functions a whole lot and then figure out which ones you prefer. Don't go by the tests, official or not (even the official one says it's only about 70% accurate), and don't even go by the tests for cognitive functions. Study the functions yourself in depth and then figure out which ones you prefer on your own. It's a lot more work, but it's worth it if you're serious about finding your type.

    There's a couple of good websites out there that have brief descriptions of the different cognitive functions, which is a good place to start. (My screen is acting up a bit and won't let me search around or else I'd link a couple to you.) But another way that's really helped me delve into this is by looking at threads on this site that talk about the differences between the functions (ex. Ni/Ne, Fe/Fi, etc). It's always possible that someone who's describing how they view a function may be mistyped or have a skewed perspective of that function, but if you see patterns coming up again and again from different people who say they have the same type, then it's an indicator that it's pointing to something accurate.

    For me, it was a bunch of little things adding up that made me finally settle on INFJ, but cognitive functions was a biggie. Also, INFJ (once I got accurate information as to what this type was like instead of just reading one-page descriptions on websites) was the first type that I didn't have to think it was a stretch for me to be this type--I just am this type. I do it naturally without trying. IMO, again, don't do the tests--they'll only give you a starting point for exploration, or at worst they'll only confuse you. Accurate information is vital.
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