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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA View Post
    You could almost say NT's innovate technology and science and NF's innovate society. Thats all a generalization, but you get the point.
    . NFs are the best equipped to understand macro cosmic relationships and patterns found within and amongst life. We are natural born ecologists and ethologists.
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    If you only had teams of 1 type and say you had 16 teams (1 for each type), I would pay to watch the ENTJ's cannabalize themselves, figuratively, and perhaps literally speaking.

    In theory ENTJ could be the proverbial colonizer and take over the island, but with 4 ENTJs struggling for top dog position, I think the internal power struggle would be their downfall and other teams would excel and a few (ENXP? ) would take advantage of the situation.

    The INFPs would be so cute, though I imagine they'd get horribly depressed and fall victim to inertia after a while.

    The INTPs, more comfortable with cynicism would have a messy camp from the get go with a couple crazy ideas that worked (and other teams easily copy or steal) , but otherwise starve. Though, if they are all young male INTPs I'm sure they honestly wouldn't mind the mess and eating without utensils.

    The ENFPs would have a 50/50 shot at either being one of the tops teams and especially working together with other teams or else become the proverbial grasshoppers that played too much and end up relying on our charms to survive.

    I think ISTJs would do pretty solidly as far as surviving and getting together the basic implements of survival, but they wouldn't really strive for anything more than getting by if getting rescued was likely and just a matter of time. I also think they'd be one of the most uncooperative teams and be unlikely to want to share with others -- especially others they think are incompetent and lazy (which would end up being many of the teams) or riding on their coat-tails.

    The ISFP team would be awesome! It would seriously be a hippie commune and I think moreso than other teams they'd adapt easily to roughing it and adapt to the environment.

    The ESTP team would be the party people and daredevils that other people enjoy being around, though they'd also make aggressive plays and talk a lot of smack, inciting a feud with the ENTXs.

    From the minimal reading of ISTP's I've done, I'd keep my eyes on them.

    I think the ENFJ team would be very generous, cover a lot of ground, and also bump heads with ENTX.

    Honestly, I think that would be an interesting social experiment but what would most likely happen is a few teams ally with one another or else the teams completely break apart naturally and people gravitate to form new teams.

    Exploring stereotypes is fun!

    BTW, this reminds me of the socionics term 'quads' and how a group of 4 particular types can fit in a way to completely activate and support one another, becoming a powerhouse, or else neutralize one another and become lethargic?
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    Quote Originally Posted by aelan View Post
    *lunges after the mousie and catches her by the tail*

    *dusts her and sets her upright again. pats*

    *kicks dust at Ender* :steam: Don't you bully my mouse!
    So now wouldn't be a good time to point out that the shiny object pointing was aimed for you and not the mouse?

    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze
    The INFPs would be so cute, though I imagine they'd get horribly depressed and fall victim to inertia after a while.
    Not necessarily. Some of us wouldn't mind being stuck on an island like that. We can switch over to our Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes imaginary world mode and turn it all into an adventure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    From the minimal reading of ISTP's I've done, I'd keep my eyes on them.
    Sounds about right. My mindset would probably be "I need to survive...those people not with me, don't necessarily have to....." Not that I'd go out of my way to uh, "reduce" the competition, but if it was necessary for my well-being, some people might "disappear".
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