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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousFeeling View Post
    I use Ni. I tend to come up with ideas with a burst of inspiration, or a sudden realization of how things fit together. Once I have an idea of how a system operates, then I can use it to create whatever my vision is. The inspiration comes from just about any source, philosophical ideas, music, scientific discovery, you name it. I'm not a natural brainstormer per se, I tend to struggle to put down a flurry of ideas on paper, I'd rather think things over and just flow with my train of thought. I like thinking up of ideas in the brainstorming process, but often times it appears more like a netted mess that I have to detangle in order to make sense of it all. Usually my most creative work comes out of having a specific inner vision in mind and to use the resources I have in front of me to turn my vision to reality.

    I tend to mull over my ideas over an extended period of time until I come out with something cohesive, and outline my plans to execute my goals.

    Quote Originally Posted by polikujm View Post
    Also this.

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    I change the terms to fit the idea, not the idea to fit the terms. Meaning the idea isn't objective, therefore it can't be picked from a sea of options. It's an internal guideline, pulse or string of inspiration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Venom View Post
    I posted this in another thread already, but it just seemed to be really relevant:

    I would venture that a lot of Ni people don't feel particularly "creative" in the modern day way as much as we are "novel". Creativity today seems to invoke the idea of being able to spawn 5 new ideas from every one, constant tinkering and recombination. Ni is more about a singular shift in perspective; a novel way of perceiving a data set by turning it on it's head. I'd compare it to taking a piece of paper with a design on it: you can extrapolate the design and make it more creative or you can see that the original design is actually a picture of bil murry
    I fully agree.

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    Still not too sure about my type. I constantly have some ideas floating through my head whether ridiculous or realistic. Sometimes i spew every one out and get mixed reactions, which is kind of entertaining for me, but other times i filter them. When others seem to see a problem i directly look for the solution often saying the problem is solvable even though i don't have the idea completely defined. From the one problem i instantly see multiple possibilities of solution and verbalize the one that's most apropriate after filtering the ideas,the time depending on problem difficulty.

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    Usually what happens with me is one single idea will come up, and I'll become attached to this idea. I do not start a project until I have the idea in advance, rather than creating on the spot.The general outline will already be complete; only a few details need to be filled in over time when I actually get to work on it. There's no need to brainstorm because I already know what I want to do, and it bores me most of the time. I dislike doing mind maps and spider-diagrams. One other thing I should add is I don't tell many people my ideas (until I show them the finished product), or enjoy bouncing ideas around, as creativity is a very personal process for me. Quite sure I have Ni, although I do know of times I'm using Ne to generate several ideas quickly.

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    Ne auxillary I think (from descriptions and what I know about myself).

    How do I come up with ideas... hmm. I think I have internalized ideas or catalogues of how things have worked in the past or the general "method" they work by and then try to apply that same idea to other areas. Look for similarities. Also, asking questions. The best way to learn is through lots of questions? How does it? Why? Does it do _______? Every time you learn something, you know more and then can do something with that or look for patterns.

    I'm surprised so many here don't like brainstorming. Are we talking about some forced, academic version of it or just in our own heads, with the thought "generate possible leads"? I'm thinking the latter and actually love brainstorming that way. It prompts solution and an abundance of ideas means a higher chance of solving something. I will say that brainstorming doesn't come without effort. I need to sit down and consciously focus on generating new ideas if I am to be serious about it. It can take a long time if I am unsure of where to actually start. Even though one can think of Ne as "out of nowhere", I think one usually needs a bit of framework for it to be successful and timely. Usually it is very slow at first too then it's like tons of stuff at once. Or I get one idea, and that idea leads to another idea, and that to another, like they are all connected but variations of each other enough to be considered something new. If I am serious about it, then I need to list down every single possibility, regardless if it is realistic or not. It's not that I will write down things like "What if the universe splits in 2 and my evil twin interferes?", but more like "If this is even a hair possible or has a chance of working, then it is useful... we can sort these things later."

    For problems of the highest importance, having limited options is the worst case scenario IMO. It's like "where do I go now? There are literally NO options left!" Also, for problems that I cannot come up with a perfect solution, I take in all of my options again and start filtering them down as much as I can. I then let the remaining pieces sit in my mind like marinate/process. It's like the spinning circle in Windows,"working/processing/please wait for a result". I will try not to focus on it too much but hope something just randomly comes to me out of the blue (all of a sudden something will appear in my mind as an option I never thought of).

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