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    Default Examples of Functions Working Together

    I was thinking about what different function combinations might sound like, and I ended up with this:

    Fi + Ne: "This is what I can do to make my ideals reality and to give meaning and purpose to my feelings." -or- "How would I feel in this (hypothetical) situation?" -or- "Here is what you/I should do in this situation."
    Fi + Ni: "Nothing I do has any real meaning. I cannot connect with anyone in any meaningful way or make any significant impact on anyone."
    Fi + Si: "How did this make me feel before, and what about it made me feel that way?" -or- "This doesn't feel right. I must reanalyze my feelings from the past in order to understand how I got here." -or- "My feelings are inconsistent. Where did I go wrong?"
    Fi + Se: "I need things to be real. I need to feel connected with nature and my spirituality." -or- "My values and my identity become clear when I do what feels natural in the moment."
    Fi + Te: "It's okay for me to feel this way because..." -or- "My feelings are perfectly justified."
    Si + Ne: "What I tried before didn't work. Here's another thing I can try."
    Si + Ni: "Nothing I've ever tried in the past has ever worked, and I don't foresee things being any different this time, so why bother trying?"
    Te + Ne: "Too many possibilities and no real direction." -or- "Everything I've learned is useless and obsolete."
    Te + Si: "Not everything in life can be found in books--some things you have to experience for yourself on a subjective level in order to understand fully."
    Te + Se: "I want what I want when I want it, and I don't care if I have to push people out of the way to get it."
    Ti + Ne: "If the system/model is flawed or inconsistent, it can be tweaked and adjusted in order to establish a logical and accurate model."
    Ti + Ni: "Anything I do feels pointless because I know how it's going to end, and it isn't going to be pleasant."
    Ti + Si: "The world is stupid and illogical, and it's safer to just stick with what I know best."

    In case you're wondering, I made these up (based on what I've read from descriptions, especially the ones by simulatedworld on Personality Nation). Please feel free to add your own versions.

    Oh, and by the way, the examples I gave for dominant-tertiary combinations are for the unhealthy loops. I'm sure there are healthy applications for them as well.

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    Dario Nardi had some interesting ones floating around, I'm sure I posted them somewhere. I think Fi+Te is more like, I feel this strongly, I see this is logical and justifiable, let's hammer it home.

    Here it is...

    Introverted Feeling in tandem with Extraverted Thinking..

    We can get impressive results using introverted feeling in tandem with extraverted thinking. We can stay true to our beliefs by structuring our lives and standing firm on what�s important. We might decide against purchasing a particular product that harms the environment and then arrange our lives or the organization we lead to make do without it. We might refer to evidence and empirical reasoning to support what we believe is true. Maybe we hold fast to the idea that all people bring useful gifts to society, then construct a metric and gather data to demonstrate this value. Or we might use time management and spatial organization skills to better follow through on important commitments and worthwhile projects.

    Extraverted Sensing in tandem with Introverted Intuiting

    We can get powerful results using extraverted Sensing in tandem with introverted Intuiting. We can be very tuned in to the surrounding environment, with anticipation of what�s coming next. We may constantly read our industry�s current news to be sure to catch the next wave of innovations. Or we can engage people in fun activities, drawing them out and helping them transform themselves. We might pull a shy person onto the dance floor, convinced that there is an inner dancer waiting to be released; that person experiences his or her potential firsthand. Or we might shape the current context to what we envision it can be, like a sculptor who can see the final statue within a chunk of marble and sculpts everything else away to get to it.

    Wow, that is an old thread. ISFP Personal Growth

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