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    Default Everything and righ away! and MBTI

    Which types are most prone to have this "personality"?
    Incapable to sacrifice and work step-by-step, they want results right away or become impatient, depressed and bored and often give up and change goal. So they are usually shallow and incapable because of lack of hard-work.

    For example a person who put a great energy in planning to play tennis, he research the rackets, the strings, in hypomaniac mode, then he takes one or two lessons and lose a match, and he loses interests in continuation.

    Or in college he reads a book one or two times and obviosly fail an exam, then he thinks he is not smart enough and want to quit.

    And this disposition for a lot of things with high and low.

    Childish behaviour? Psychological issues? In MBTI which types comes to mind?
    SP? any P maybe? And functions?


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    I have to admit I'm kind of like that myself. Maybe not quite as extreme- I wouldn't quit college just because I failed an exam but I would definitely get discouraged, no question about that. If I failed a few exams in a row, yeah, I'd be likely to consider quitting.

    Part of the fun for me is seeing my progress in things I pursue. I like activities where I can make progress quickly. If its going to take too much practice to see results and if the progress is too slow for the effort put in, I'm likely to quit pursuing it. Yeah, I know too much of my ego is wrapped up in my competence in something.

    I'm guessing it's more of a confidence issue than a type issue although P types might be more prone to this behavior because they more likely to change goals midstream.
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    Worst person I've known for this was my ENTP dad. He'd get this new idea and talk it up and expect me to get all excited about it, even though I know he's probably going to run into trouble and immediately quit and bitch about how much everything sucks.

    I see two factors here: one is being easily discouraged when you don't succeed, and the other is getting all inspired and energized at the mere thought of something new. 'Easily discouraged' can happen to any type (I've read arguments that it has a lot to do with our culture: we tend to see success and failure as a measure of our inherent worth or ability, rather than how hard or effectively we've worked at it, and some people are more affected by this than others). Getting really enthused about a new adventure, getting idea after idea about what cool things might happen...that could be Ne related. I can be the same way, except I often just think about doing different things and never get around to it, rather than starting and quitting.

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    I know an ESFP who acts more or less like that, but I would say it's something just childish, not related to type...

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