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Thread: Voice Typing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ivy View Post
    I'd be curious to know what you think about my type now that you've heard me speak, ygolo.

    Edit: I understand this isn't a "type people based on their voice!" thread but a thread about the legitimacy of voice typing as a concept, but I can't help it, I'm still curious. If it derails your thread badly I'll split it out.
    I would say definite introvert.

    Couldn't tell much else.

    Other than you sounded a bit tired--from working a lot and taking care of kids?

    Quote Originally Posted by prplchknz View Post
    I wonder what I sound like. Maybe I'll actually talk more if I get on ventrillo again.

    I always get soft spoken, sweet, I sound nice. I even had friends tell me that they were too tired/drunk/stressed to decode my speech, I don't think I talk in riddles but apparently I do.
    You sounded a lot like many of the INFP females I know.

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    Here's another one of INTJ (or possibly ISTJ), my own: Hap's Video

    The start and stop of my voice isn't so bad until I start talking about start-and-stopping, and all of the sudden it got really bad.

    If you notice, I'm much, much more articulate over text because I have an infinite amount of time to make my thoughts understandable. Thus... I sound a lot smarter over the internet than in normal speech.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littlemissgiggles View Post
    Duke of York: I didn't listen to the whole thing but your tone sounds not unlike an ISTJ friend of mine.

    I wonder if Introversion and Thinking preferences would lead someone to have something of a monotone quality (especially if nervous) and if Judging would cause someone to be very straightforward and direct. S and N might be more related to the content of speech, so if an ISTJ and INTJ were to read a scripted piece, they might be indistinguishable.

    Maybe the INF combination would lead to the "airy" quality? Less animated than E/F combination, more animated than I/T combination, and if speaking in abstract terms, it would be an interesting middle ground between the two.

    Just theorizing out loud...

    I wasn't nervous when recording the video (I am generally not nervous about speaking, be it public or not), but I figure my voice did not have much variation because I was talking about pretty dry subject matter that did not require much emphasis. It was not at all scripted; I made it up as I went along, though I had in mind which statistics I wanted to mention.

    Just in case that affects your theorizing...

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    What I usually get accused of is talking too fast, and constructing sentences in a complex manner (although I don't use unusual words and the syntax is correct). What would that indicate?

    The speed of my speech is most often complained about by people from more rural/suburban areas. People from larger cities, especially northern ones, have less trouble understanding me. Lawyers, teachers, and insurance salesmen also seem to have less trouble understanding me.

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