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    Default On art appreciation: How different personality types behave and interact with art?

    Let´s say you are given an invitation for an art gallery, and you are left alone while there.
    How do you move in the museum, at what pace,...
    How do you look at the paintings, what are you looking at/for? please give detailed description of you interaction with the paintings... What are you thinking about, how much time do you spend appreciating them?

    Please don´t go into details about the exhibit and about if you like the artists or not. You are at any important museum that has a comprehensive collection to cater all tastes.

    I´m looking for a summary of your behavior in the museum and what you do and what you think?

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    interesting...i walk around slowly stopping in front of anything i find moving. i get sucked into the emotional space of the subject/s. if it's a person...i'm imagining being that's not that's just trying to understand from the inside....what are they thinking...feeling...what just happened...what is their life...their dreams...their pain....and if it's a place. i'm put into the feeling of being there...the mood of it...sometimes it's cold and sad...but beautiful...sometimes it's uplifting and a warm breeze...ha...sometimes...with sculpture..i think of what it's meant to represent....and the person who made it...i may sit in awe at their skill.

    is that what you mean?
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    I move around fairly quickly looking for something that catches my attention. I don't spend that much time looking at it, just enough to soak in its impact. Rinse and repeat, then I'd feel like leaving.

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    First, I scan the whole area, or each room or section I enter once. Then I walk by each piece slowly, scrutinizing and soaking each one in. I notice the minute details that the artist put in effort to make. I take in the overall atmosphere it creates. I think about what it evokes, memories or feelings or thoughts to do with my own life. I try to think about what the artist must have been thinking creating it, or what their lives were like at that time. I think about what possible reactions others could have seeing this. I am very curious in how others reactions are to the art, and I will pay close attention to how people I'm with respond to if I'm with anyone. I think about how unique it is, if it is, or what makes it special from other art pieces. (btw i really like curiousel and lady x's avatars lol. i found curiousel's branch thing particularly moving.) If I really like it I think about how I want to save the memory, if I can take a picture of it somehow. I want to relish the feeling of standing in front of it and being awed by it. I want to live in the art piece forever.

    But overall, it kinda depends on my mood. If I'm feeling depressed, I might be more easily bored and unimpressed by everything. It also depends on how much time I have before I know I have to leave, obviously. I'm not going to move through things like a snail if I only have half an hour to go through a whole building.

    edit: Interesting thread btw. I can see that our attitudes in this could apply to other aspects of life.
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    I tend to move around slowly, from piece to piece, starting at one end & moving in order to the next; this ensures I miss nothing. I have a need to see EVERYTHING for some reason.

    I stop & look at something longer when it interests me, but everything gets a fair glance. Because I am generally absent-minded, I'm sort of forcing myself to focus in a way I normally don't. I would get easily overwhelmed if I tried to take in a whole room at once. If there are lots of people, in fact, then I do move faster to get away from them.

    I generally respond to art viscerally, and the stronger the reaction, the more I will think about it further. I focus on the feeling it gives off, without needing to identify that in words. If it's a person, then I might imagine what they are like. If it's a scene, then I might consider what it's communicating. I translate stuff into image-concepts in my head, not thought analysis.

    I also note the aesthetic aspects - the color, shapes, textures, etc.

    Sometimes I'll read the plaque info because I might wonder who the artist is or what year it's from. I like a context if I want to compare it to something else & examine the similarities in style or whatever.

    Oh yeah, when I was dating an INFJ, he moved really quickly through the rooms & would not look at every piece. He'd go up to one that interested him & vaguely glance at it for a second. It almost gave me anxiety because I hate not investigating something thoroughly, and it seemed unfairly dismissive.

    When I dated an ESFP, I'd get neck whiplash. He'd say, "Oh my god, look over there, that's so cool!" every 5 seconds...
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    Given the option I would ride my bike through, only stopping to check out the ones that interest me. I examine those ones, possibly for a long time, maybe go back and forth between a couple that strike me as similar, and move on. I'm not sure I'm looking for anything in particular, just having my attention grabbed.

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    I like this thread.

    I feel the need to check out every single piece in every single room, as long as time allows. I would hate the idea that I had left too soon and missed out on something. If there are too many people in any given room, I will spend my time in another until the crowd has thinned out.

    While I give each piece a fair once-over, I spend exponentially more time in front of works that viscerally pull at me. I don't necessarily try to think about what the artwork means - I just focus on what it makes me feel, while enjoying the beauty of its structure and form. If there is any discernible symbolism, I take that into account, but what really matters to me is the raw emotion involved.

    I admire the technique needed for portraits, landscapes, and still-life paintings, but I have enormously more fun with the abstract stuff. Color, lines, and form combine to say something new and different for everyone who gazes into them. I think about what the piece says to me, and if I really fall in love with it, I'll journal about it or take mental snapshots to use for artistic inspiration later. Sometimes I obsess a little and try to channel what another artwork made me feel into a painting or sketch of my own. I saw this really aggressive, black and white, three-panel abstract expressionist piece in a gallery recently that just about made me drool.

    I also like to think about music or films that would pair well with whatever I'm looking at.

    Then I leave, feeling really giddy.
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    I regularly go down to the Art Museums in DC to draw/sketch. I don't necessarily stare at the artwork as I am doing it, but I find it to be a really peaceful environment to draw. Most of the galleries have a good bit of seating. I'll find a room that is somewhat quiet (little traffic) but with art that I enjoy, sit down, and spend a couple hours drawing there.

    When I'm actually browsing the galleries - it's highly dependent upon the type of art. I have pretty much zero appreciation for abstract art, so if I walk past some Rothko-esque art, I'll glance at it, but move very quickly past those rooms/exhibits. In contrast, most Renaissance exhibits appeal to me, and Ill spend a great deal of time looking at particular paintings that appeal to me. I can sometimes spend long enough in front of a particular painting that I start taking note of the direction of individual brush strokes.

    I've spent enough time in the various DC museums, that I don't go to the permanent exhibits much anymore. I've seen them time and time again. Usually there is always a new temporary exhibit, and that is where I will go to sit/sketch... Generally pausing once and awhile to stare at some piece.
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    I find that whether I sketch or not (which, usually, I go to sketch as I find that it increases my appreciation of the art), I usually run around impatiently trying to find the pieces that I feel like looking at, and then I stay at those pieces for longer periods of time. I suppose I don't feel like the "see and take in everything" method works if you really want to appreciate something deeply. It cheapens the experience for me and makes me feel like I'm supposed to be more concerned with an itinerary than the art.
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    Quote Originally Posted by curiousel View Post
    Let´s say you are given an invitation for an art gallery, and you are left alone while there.
    How do you move in the museum, at what pace,...
    How do you look at the paintings, what are you looking at/for? please give detailed description of you interaction with the paintings... What are you thinking about, how much time do you spend appreciating them?

    Please don´t go into details about the exhibit and about if you like the artists or not. You are at any important museum that has a comprehensive collection to cater all tastes.

    I´m looking for a summary of your behavior in the museum and what you do and what you think?
    Oh, I'll take my sweet time about it.

    I can spend entire days in museams and art galleries. I'll look a pieces, think about them, read any accompanying blurb or attribution. Think about them again and think about how it was produced, how much work or talent was involved, how it relates to what I know about artists and other artists and other styles or kinds of art work. Sometimes I'll see something and think I want to see another piece again because of how the piece I've just seen has made me think about it.

    Even if I consider the art rubbish, the concept could be good, although most of the time that's totally besides the point. If something is totally unaesthetically pleasing, it is not thought provoking, it is unmoving and does not appear to require talent or learning in its production then I consider it a failure, no matter what pretty words the artist has to say about it. At best those sorts of artists should have been writers.

    The vast majority of contemporary or modern art I personally on think of as glorifying, through contrast, earlier art, it all appears dismal in comparison. I dont think that commissioned or plastic pieces are as aesthetically pleasing as stone or wood carving, although I will say that ice and fruit carvings, though they dont last, are often as good. This could be my personal aesthetic which doesnt like man made or industrial materials by contrast with the natural world.

    I really love art and history, the whole purpose of museams where, in their original conceptions, about people seeking their muse or having found it giving it its place. Along with libraries and universities they are achievements for humankind. I love the fact that most of them in the UK are free too and you can give donations at a suggested rate but if you have no money you can still enjoy them.

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