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    Cuddle, look him in the eyes and say " I love you. ". I know I would LOVE having that happen to me.

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    It doesn't have to be a big production. In fact, I think if you bothered planning the perfect moment to out with it, it might make you overly-nervous.

    The next time you two are having together-time, and he says or does something that is indicative of the reasons that you love him, just say "I love you." Because you'll mean it. Simple as that.
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    Just call to say 'I love you'. Just call to tell him that you care.
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    So I basically joined this forum so I could respond to this thread. Your relationship when it was two months old basically sounds exactly the same as mine is now. We're also far apart--depending on where each of us is living at the time (it changes) it could be anywhere from an hour and a half to nine hours away. We're both shy, though I think I'm a bit more open than you are. We've been together about two months, and I'm thinking of the words "I love you." We're each other's first serious relationship, and I'm also afraid of freaking him out and scaring him by telling him so. And, here's the kicker, I'm an ENFP with INFP tendencies, and he's an INFP, just like you guys. The only difference is that I think we can be a bit mushier than how you describe yourselves. NFPs, yeah...

    I'd really like to know what the outcome of this thread was, if anything has progressed yet. I go back and forth between telling him I love him relatively soon or waiting a while till we've been together longer so as not to unnerve him. We're facing a possible two month separation starting around Christmas (ugh, I don't want to think about it) and I can't decide whether I want to tell him before or after. Whether it would be good to leave him with that over the separation, or wait and see how it all plays out and till I'm even more sure of my feelings. I'm not sure.

    Sorry if it seems like I'm hijacking this thread, and we can transfer this to a PM if it's more appropriate, I'm just really curious as to how your situation is playing out.

    Oh, and just for reference, I'm 23 and he'll be 23 in December.

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    Here's my response before reading your post:

    Give him a big ENFP cuddle and tell him, out of all the people you know (which will be somewhere in the 1000s), he is your favourite of all. Tell him you love him and that being around him makes you feel different in a good way. Tell him what he does that makes you feel this way. I think I would quite like that.

    Here's my response after reading your post:

    Same as above. Just remember that INFPs need to know we're the top of your hit list. It makes us seem arrogant, but really we're very scared of being the worst - worst boyfriend, worst friend, worst staff member - anything.
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