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    Quote Originally Posted by KDude View Post
    I thought about archeology once, but then when I found out you had to reach PhD to do anything interesting, I gave up - even having a Masters is gruntwork. And even when you finally made it up to that level, there's one decripit PhD leading dozens below him. And he never dies. He lives until he's 500 years old and becomes an archaelogical exhibit in his own right.

    Can't argue with logic!

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    E: They will engage the world for support
    I: They will consider and introspect on the options
    N: They won't get lost on the small details
    S: They will pay attention to the crucial details
    F: More accepting of things that can't be fixed/solved, more faith
    T: the ability to find practical solutions to problems
    J: The ability to burn bridges, get closure from self (once a J has moved on, they have moved on)
    P: Adaptability

    Way too simplified but here are potential strengths.

    Supposedly, conscientiousness (Jish), extroversion and emotional stability gives one an edge on happiness (EXXJ?). This is based on research on the Big 5 (the major personality theory in psychology).

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    I've seen every type fail-like-mad, so it's hard for me to say. Overall, I would say that in my life, the prize would go to ENTJ. ENTJ has definitely been the most-suited for reality, in my life.

    I think it has less to do with type than other factors, though. Any type can gain these skills with enough dedication and work. Maybe it's just that the ENTJ has tried and worked alot harder than everyone else I know.
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