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    Default Personality Types and Social Media

    This past year, I've started spending more time on Tumblr as opposed to my Facebook and Twitter accounts. I have profiles on other social media sites, but those are more interest-specific so I'd rather not discuss them here.

    Personally, I prefer Tumblr because of its simplicity. A user does not have to broadcast his or her location, age, education or occupation to make connection. While Twitter is set up in a similar way, there is a more visual element to Tumblr that is lacking due to Twitter's 140-character limit. I also appreciate that I can choose whether or not to interact on a more personal level with certain Tumblr users; the concept of being someone's "friend" online adds a personal aspect to virtual relationships that may or may not translate into real life. And that can be needlessly messy and altogether stressful.

    I have been wondering if anyone feels that their personality type has influenced not only the way they interact on social media sites but which social media sites they prefer to participate in. Do some of you like the, in my opinion, intrusive business of Facebook? Do some of you hate the birthday reminders and the status updates? Do any of you have a preferred site?

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    I'm one of those freaks who doesn't have a facebook page.

    Not even a Twitter. I'm not sure why that's popular actually. Seems like it's best for well known people to bless us with random day-to-day thoughts. And for the stalkers who follow them. But why would anyone follow the stalkers? Obviously some people do.. They must have friends themselves. I'm just wondering what they say that's worth following every day.

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    ~ I like facebook because MY ENTIRE FAMILY and my old high school friends/best friends after high school, are there, conveniently, in one glance. Do I go there every day? No. I don't play farmville or whatever, but I like being able to stay in touch with people I like, and to do it quickly and easily. I love facebook for that reason, though in some other ways it's annoying - like how I had to block people from being able to tag embarrassing pictures of me. Um, no way son...but I love love love the connection to my loved ones, since I've moved around so much.

    ~ I did MySpace back in the day, and it was for the same reason I am now on facebook. I used to play with some of the apps and decorate my page with lolcats and bands, but eventually got annoyed by the tackiness of it, and facebook is more streamlined. It's simply more efficient and less of an eye sore.

    ~ I've been on LiveJournal for ten years. Live Journal was my on-line social circle before Typology Central. It also helped me work on my creative writing as well as my journaling, plus I met interesting, like-minded people and learned about philosophy and politics. Live Journal kept my brain moving, along with books, between high school and college (because I waited several years and traveled and worked as a dancer and stuff in between). It gave me a place to focus my thoughts and writing, and an audience to present them to.

    ~ I love personality web sites for both the knowledge and the social interaction, just like Live Journal. It's less focused, but a quicker social pay-off and sometimes the arguments are more interesting.

    However, I don't do Twitter. I can't be bothered, it seems like an invasive waste of my time, kind of like updating facebook status every five minutes (which I do not do).

    I DO however LOVE Tumbler and WeHeartIt for the visual's really great. We Heart It is kind of like visual, non-verbal journaling.

    I also use AIM a lot to chat with certain people one on one and sometimes go into personality chatrooms like vent.

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    ^ I agree with Marm about Facebook. And about Twitter.

    I've been told by many people (including you, Outlaw!) that I would really enjoy tumblr, and I think I probably would, but I'm hesitant to give myself yet another time-sucking hobby. I waste enough time as it is, on Facebook and on the forum. <-- And I'll bet that's typical of SJs online, that they stick with the minimum amount of internet socializing so that they can spend more time Getting Things Done in Real Life.
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