Two days ago when i was coming home from friends place around 3am in the morning, i saw a hare on the other side of the road. naturally it got scared and there was a long fence on that side of the road, so i tried not to scare him and walked slowly and calmly, so that he wouldnt had to run from me for like 100m(the fence is about that wide) and be scared. I managed to get past him without scaring him too much. But when i got like 20 meters past him, i noticed that he kept hanging on the side of the road and thought that a car might hit him, so i tried to scare him away as the other end of the fence wasnt too far away, but i didnt want to walk back, so i made some noises, but he didnt get scared. I decided that id just let him be, but as i walked away i started to feel bad about not scaring him away from the side of the road. Then i thought that its night and there isnt much traffic on the road at that time, so he will be ok, hopefully..

Anyways, this is Fe(ofc its other things also). I dont really see anything fake about this. Naturally any functions can be used to manipulate, but not everyone do that with Fe.