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    Default What is the first thing you think of when you think of a certain MBTI type

    ENFP: Willie Wonka (I don't know why lol)
    INFP: a little boy reading a book in a tree and pretending he's in a far off land fighting pirates or making friends with animals
    INFJ: a psychic
    ENFJ: a cult leader or black baptist minister

    ESTP: a cheesy car salesman
    ISTP: a bad ass riding a motor cycle with a large breasted blonde woman hanging on to him
    ESFP: a goofy, yet sexually attractive jock who enjoys frequent partying
    ISFP: an artistic chick who looks like Dido, loves to paint and has exotic sexual interests

    INTJ: Light Yagami or Dr. Moriarti
    ENTJ: Gordon Gekko
    ENTP: a crazy entrepreneur who's constantly trying to invent and license new products
    INTP: a computer programmer

    ESTJ: a manager
    ISTJ: a strict master or some sort of craftsman who has been following a 500 year old family tradition and is OCD about every detail of his craft
    ESFJ: a loud, gossipy air headed female who constantly nags but doesn't know when to shut up (I know not all of you like this though lol)
    ISFJ: a butler
    ENFP: We put the Fi in Fire
    5w4>1w9>2w1 Sx/Sp
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    Male Archtype: King/Lover
    "You are a gay version of Gambit" Speed Gavroche
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    ENFP - a fun, charismatic, and enthusiastic person that people like to be around (makes me think of an ENFP 7w8 friend I had in high school)
    INFP - a quiet, deep, and emotional person who likes to daydream (and then I'll start thinking of all the INFP's I know on this forum )
    ENFJ - warm, friendly, and outgoing (not sure if I've met one)
    INFJ - my mom

    ESTP - an adventurous slacker
    ISTP - no idea (I've never met one)
    ESTJ - salesman
    ISTJ - um...I don't know

    INTJ - my dad, my brother, Light Yagami
    ENTJ - a charming businessman or politician
    ENTP - this one guy I knew in high school who was really funny (and sometimes unintentionally offensive), intelligent, and a total slacker
    INTP - myself, scientist/programmer, professor, L, that guy from A Beautiful Mind

    ESFJ - my roommate (who I suspect may be one), someone highly social and into fashion who wears perfume and showers at least twice a day
    ISFJ - no idea
    ESFP - one of my friends, fun-loving, adventurous, social, funny
    ISFP - quiet and reflective artist

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    ENFP-Bubbly. Like, a super-bubbly artsy-fartsy hipster.
    INFP-Fairy princess.
    INFJ-Jesus complex.
    ENFJ-A revivalist preacher.

    ENTJ-Supreme dictator of the universe.
    INTJ-God complex.
    INTP- L.
    ENTP-Benjamin Franklin.

    ESFJ-Queen bee.
    ISFJ-Mother Theresa.
    ESTJ-Upper management.

    ESFP- Energy. Like, pure, unadulterated energy.
    ISFP-Harry Potter.
    ISTP-Some kind of Hollywood macho man action hero.

    Okay, so the last one is kind of unfair.
    1w9 sx/sp
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    ISTJ: a strict and uptight IRS agent
    ESTJ: sergeant Hartman
    ISFJ: a delicious chick, who's cute, affectionate, good coock, good at bed and do my laundry
    ESFJ: the same but more fiery, impulsive, party-lover and energetic

    ISTP: a violent and sociopatic assholes who love beer, fighting has not social skills but get to fuck every girls just because of his mojo and animal magnetism/ Wolverine or Sawyer form Lost
    ESTP: a flamboyant, sociopath and energetic rocker with mad social skills and every girls at his feets
    ISFP: a devoted person to love and art who is energetic, sensual and crafty but hardly assert itself and could'nt hurt a fly
    ESFP: a blond californian surfer (or snowboarder) who is hyper energetic and has a heart of gold

    INFJ: a 70 years old wise man who work at the library and ocasionnaly take lecture where he provides his philosophy, councils and preach for love, equity, responsability and temperance.
    ENFJ: a charismatic guy who speak loudly at the audience and take control of the masses for their own good
    INFP: a sissy, daydreaming and fragile kid who is afraid by the monters under his bed and dream to be the monster under the bed at the same time
    ENFP: the mad village idiot who is full of fantasy and has a good heart but has not any common sense/Jar-jar binks

    INTJ: a 40 years old man who is doctor in three majors, has a marked baldness and never smile, and his convinced that he is always right and that others are wrong
    ENTJ: an hyper active control freak who is hysteric as soon as he has an idea and can't submit the weak to his will and have feeling and compassion at the same time
    INTP: a middle-aged obese man who is unemployed and live with his mom but has an encyclopedic knowledge of science-fi and heroic fantasy, spend each of his day eating pizzas, watching porn and playing video games, and leave his bedroom only to take a shower (every 2 weeks)
    ENTP: a mad scientist who spend his days building bomb and machines in his basement, and spend nights drinking and partying.
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

    Chaotic Neutral

    E=60% S=55% T=70% P=80%

    "I don't believe in guilt, I only believe in living on impulses"

    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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    ENFJ: my friend who's warm and loving and dramatic and emotional and puts a bit too much out there and freaks some people out (especially men she likes)
    INFJ: one of my best friends who gives some of the best and most compassionate advice I've heard
    ENFP: various people who are stimulating and caring but flighty and changeable enough to annoy me, too
    INFP: puzzling...surprisingly so considering the one-letter difference (must be all the function differences)

    ENTJ: dictators, hopefully benevolent (and maybe sexy) ones
    INTJ: my mom, who is basically...her own nationality
    ENTP: guys who I crush on and then find too arrogant and argumentative to bear
    INTP: intriguing; think I'm growing to like this type more and more.

    ESFJ: friend who I lived with for a year, took too much crap and manipulation from, but still care about as she showed some distinct care for me between all the rubbish
    ISFJ: lovely lovely people who I relate to so much. Probably the type of a couple of my best friends and very likely my dad. Similar to me but with occasional moments of blank incomprehension (from them) or boredom (from me)
    ESTJ: guy I was recently crushing on; responsible and charming, but also control freak, anger issues and inappropriate flirtation
    ISTJ: my brother - great for cultural and sporting fun, weird and cool humour that fits so well with mine, emotionally locked up

    ESTP: sexy, dangerous, in the limelight- James Bond?
    ISTP: mountain climbers, motorbikes, disdainful and adventurous, fun and cool
    ESFP: guy I used to like; charming and fun, but manipulative, fickle and shallow. Also a lot of people who act like ESFPs though possibly they aren't. Ugh.
    ISFP: artists, AND guy I used to date (very likely his type); kind, romantic, artistic, gentle, selfish, selfish, selfish
    Enneagram 6w5 sp/sx


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    ISTJ - An accountant or attorney. British accent optional.
    ESTJ - A foreman or boss. Or maybe the gruff chief from those police procedural TV series.
    ISFJ - Either a policeman/woman or a nurse.
    ESFJ - My dad. Or a larger-than-life host(ess).

    ISTP - Indiana Jones. Or a craftsperson/mechanic.
    ESTP - Greed from Fullmetal Alchemist.
    ISFP - A florist, dancer or hippie.
    ESFP - An adventurer or entertainer.

    INFJ - A priest or teacher.
    ENFJ - An activist. Or a PR person.
    INFP - A poet or soft-spoken animal lover.
    ENFP - Zooey Deschanel.

    INTP - A computer geek.
    ENTP - Either Doc Brown or Weird Al Yankovic.
    INTJ - A scientist, criminal mastermind, or both.
    ENTJ - A forceful politician.

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    With corresponding smilies

    ENFP: Amy Poehler or Ellen DeGeneres
    INFP: Anne of Green Gables
    INFJ: An author/guru
    ENFJ: A warm but sometimes incredibly bossy person

    ESTP: stereotypical college football player party-man.. keg stands, chanting while others are doing keg stands, takes off his shirt at inappropriate times, goes after girls with ridiculous confidence but does not handle inevitable rejection well
    ISTP: old bearded man in a motorcycle gang...
    ESFP: loud and random girl, enjoyable in small doses
    ISFP: hipster? i don't even know :SaiyanSmilie_anim:

    INTJ: solitary and disciplined man, taking on one solitary obsession after another, becomes consumed with obsession, eventually moves on when next obsession is found. my dad..
    ENTJ: CEOs and lawyers.
    ENTP: The crazy and mostly lovable friend where sometimes all you can say is you go do that, have fun
    INTP: Close to ENTP but crazy in a quieter way, more spacey

    ESTJ: an angry businessman or army officer
    ISTJ: computer man, mechanic
    ESFJ: Kitty the mom in That 70s Show
    ISFJ: Cinderella

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    They're mostly negative, sorry...

    ESTJ - a cop or some other nitpicky authority figure
    ISTJ - grandpa
    ISFJ - mom
    ESFJ - catty mean girl &/or obnoxious hostess

    ESFP - dumb blond drama queen who feels strongly about animal rights
    ISFP - gentle vegetarian or emo rock musician
    ESTP - dumb jock or salesperson
    ISTP - rebel without a cause on a motorcycle

    INFP - cranky poet/artist/bum &/or feel-good armchair philosopher
    ENFP - hippy woman with armpit hair & a big mouth
    INFJ - hypocritical yet stubborn activist and/or pretentious hipster/spiritual guru
    ENFJ - charming cult leader &/or status-climbing social networker

    ENTJ - angry dictator &/or unscrupulous businessman
    INTJ - arrogant creep with a chip on his shoulder & nihilistic philosophies
    INTP - mad scientist &/or loser who lives in his parent's basement
    ENTP - wannabe comedian
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    ESFJ - Southern lady who makes door wreaths for her friends and is always busy and doing something, and is a busy body but is nice and giving (or is a mean, preppy high school girl or highly conformist sorority girl..that's the negative version)...or a man wearing very trendy clothes and a clean baseball cap who is friendly, charismatic, drives a spotless brand new truck and is extremely organized and gets up at 6 AM and wonders why you don't (sometimes says old-fashioned un-politically-correct things but gives you this eye contact like you know what he means, because he sincerely believes this is what EVERYONE is really thinking)

    ESTJ- A woman in a very sharp but basic black business suit with a white blouse, hair pulled back tightly, very little or no make-up, who is a boss of a company and the kind of woman who makes men feel threatened ...or a really business-like older man who is no nonsense and structured and doesn't comprehend the inability to follow a schedule or those who do not prioritize straightening filing cabinets and mopping the floor

    ISTJ- daddy, love, home, security, stability...but also the military...and also men who are very quiet and responsible and a bit guarded who may appear boring on the surface but are interesting people inside

    ISFJ- really nice ladies and men who want children more than their girlfriends do

    ESFP - really loud but nice easy going entertaining guy with a goofy sense of humor who can get on your nerves but doesn't mean to; or a woman who either dresses sexy or goes to the other extreme of wearing pajamas to school and always has her hair in a pony tail, but her pajamas are brand name and she's surgically attached to her cell phone, lap top, or both, as well as cheerfully chatting or making comments randomly to the people around her (including comments that make some people look at her in offense, but she seems totally oblivious and usually doesn't mean harm)

    ESTP - really over-the-top MAN'S MAN who is kind of pushy and loud and is not as charming as the ESFP but is more like irritating, and is always doing physical things or bragging about how much money he makes and wonders why he can't drag you along in his energy forcefield; or a woman who is like a "tough girl," maybe tomboyish or a little loud, who will kick your ass as soon as look at you, but it is a good person to have on your someone you really want to be on her good side and not on her bad side...

    ISTP - typical punk rock or skater dude or band guy who doesn't talk much and may seem a little slow in social conversation but is surprisingly very smart when he tells you about what he's good at; or a woman who is earthy and kind of tomboyish but quiet

    ISFP - the emo scene, basically

    ENFP - a really nice kind of hippie woman who is easily distracted and also extremely opinionated; a man who looks sweet and innocent but is actually deviously slutty ...and I picture the guys wearing kind of hippie clothes and wearing a chain wallet but being clean shaven and having curls and a bright smile...the evil that should be avoided at any and all

    INFP - the most sensitive people on the face of the earth; for this reason they are either deeply lovable, gentle and mysterious... or even more irritating than ESTPs in their own special self-absorbed, passive-aggressive way...either love them or hate them, basically

    ENFJ - someone who is extremely charismatic and popular and witty and smart who means well and will try to fix your life, but might have four other people to hang out when you think they might be there for you in the future

    INFJ - very guarded, secretive, intellectual people...people who either have the best of both worlds (academic and relationship-wise) ...or who are heinously self-righteous and the PC police

    INTJ - pure unadulterated evil or at least nerdy douchebags who like to play pure unadulterated evil on the Internet

    ENTJ - people who can be harsh and hard-headed but are also strangely engaging and easy to befriend...some of them almost seem ENFJ-ish or ESFP-ish in certain moods; another kind of love/hate type...the ones I hate are usually really overbearing narcissists

    INTP - quiet, intellectual guy who might be sort of INFP-ish but is much more academic and sarcastic; college professors galore

    ENTP - what happens when you mix a charismatic ExFJ with a science geek who wants to correct you all the time

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    The isfp ones suck compared to the istp ones. Not saying they're wrong, they're just stereotypes that come to mind. But, makes me wonder how I can be isfp. I aren't that emo.

    What is the first thing you think of when you think of a certain MBTI type?

    ENFP: Lady X
    INFP: Udog. Orangeappled was next in a split second.
    INFJ: Iwakar. Then Fidelia in about 3 seconds.
    ENFJ: Domino

    ESTP: Halla and whatever. Almost simultaneously.
    ISTP: MDP the Bamboo by a second or two.
    ESFP: Kingfisher, took a few seconds.
    ISFP: Quinlan, then IndyAnna in a split second

    INTJ: EffEm
    ENTJ: Jenaphor
    ENTP: entropie
    INTP: Jock, then MacG in a fraction of a second.

    ESTJ: EJ
    ISTJ: Beat (what's his name now?)
    ESFJ: Saslou
    ISFJ: Giggly

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