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    Quote Originally Posted by Urarienev View Post
    INTP - Will wear shorts to work even when there's a dress code not to lol
    Haha, reminds me. My undergraduate university had code against wearing shorts of any kind but I wore long shorts anyway. After a few times I was caught out by the security at the gate and told off against it and that they wouldn't allow me in next time I did it. I then wore long shorts and really long socks over the shorts afterwards every time I'm about to get through the gate.

    Looked a bit like this.

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    Yeah for whatever reason mine turned out to be pretty negative...

    ESTJ: Annoying boss bitch with no sense of humor and is always on your case
    ISTJ: tattletale
    ESFJ: molly weasely/ ultra mom
    ISFJ: the mom who shoves her kids in your face on social media
    ESTP: macho football player
    ISTP: leather jacket, a cigarette, lets ditch this place
    ESFP: actor, lots of flowers, lots of drama
    ISFP: a marshmellow
    ENTJ: Scary boss bitch who will get revenge for any misdeed
    INTJ: Supervillan. Evil mastermind
    ENFJ: IDK much about ENFJ
    INFJ: Health guru, one of those cross legged spiritual people with yoga
    ENTP: Clown who enjoys scaring people. Lotssssss of jokes.
    INTP: Quiet person who is taking in the stupidity of it all. Urkle from that show
    ENFP: hipster
    INFP: Unicorn
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    Quote Originally Posted by Oaky View Post
    Haha, reminds me. My undergraduate university had code against wearing shorts of any kind but I wore long shorts anyway. After a few times I was caught out by the security at the gate and told off against it and that they wouldn't allow me in next time I did it. I then wore long shorts and really long socks over the shorts afterwards every time I'm about to get through the gate.
    You should have just got yourself a kilt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty6226 View Post
    ESTJ: Annoying boss bitch with no sense of humor and is always on your case
    The best boss I ever had was an ESTJ.

    Quote Originally Posted by Frosty6226 View Post
    INTJ: Supervillan. Evil mastermind
    Perhaps he was just easier to manipulate.

    (just kidding: he really was a great boss)
    I've been called a criminal, a terrorist, and a threat to the known universe. But everything you were told is a lie. The truth is, they've taken our freedom, our home, and our future. The time has come for all humanity to take a stand...

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    ESTJ: People I prefer to be in charge of any given situation I'm in, people I look to for leadership
    ISTJ: 80% of my friends, really nice people, a good counterbalance for me
    ESFJ: I feel like I'm not good enough to be this type
    ISFJ: Sweeties
    ESTP: "Spunky"
    ISTP: in the words of @Frosty6226 "leather jacket, a cigarette, lets ditch this place". Lol they're really cool
    ESFP: Popular, friendly, the type of person everyone should know
    ISFP: Quiet, introspective, awesome. Had a psychology teacher who was ISFP and I absolutely loved her.
    ENTJ: They kind of scare me but in a good way
    INTJ: The secret mastermind running things from behind the curtain; really smart, good at everything. I've been a good "sidekick/guinea pig" to my INTJ friends
    ENFJ: As sweet as other Fe types, but with magical Ni that is so mystic to me. I love ENFJs
    INFJ: Also the magical Ni-Fe combo; really easy to get along with
    ENTP: Also kind of scares me lol. Not in a bad way. They're just really cool
    INTP: My "opposites", they're really smart but sometimes hard for me to understand; good people
    ENFP: Really fun people. I love ENFPs, I need more of them in my life
    INFP: Perfect human beings

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    Although I wish I haven't got all these stereotypes, here we go(don't be mad):

    ESFP: hot girl/guy with animal magnetism
    ESTP: a guy who is a dick, tiffany michele (poker player)
    ESFJ: fanatic religious woman, a guy who tell bad jokes
    ESTJ: my previous boss, a manly woman

    ENFP: a girl with add, a guy like russel brand
    ENTP: a guy with add, a girl who is a comedian
    ENFJ: a charismatic guy who could be a cult leader, a woman that is out of anyone's league
    ENTJ: michael douglas in some wall street movie, (never saw ENTJ women)

    ISFP: a shy girl who is an artist and has a flower on her head, a sensitive guy who likes to teach kids
    ISTP: an anti social guy who fix cars and is probably schizoid, a woman who is a bitch to people
    ISFJ: my grandma (don't know ISFJ guys, maybe I am one xD)
    ISTJ: dwight, from 'the office', Hermione from harry potter

    INFP: a girl who initially looks like the ISFP artist, but likes to play mind games, a guy like johnny depp
    INTP: a fat guy nerd that doesn't shower, (I never saw INTP women, I think)
    INFJ: a guy like kurt cobain, a girl that everyone thinks is an INTP
    INTJ: a guy like russel crowe on "a beautiful mind", (I never saw INTJ women)
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    ISTJ: Hall Monitor who gets Straight A's and will report you for illegal activities
    ESTJ: The strict, authoritarian Principal who students don't want to come face to face with
    ISFJ: Shy, but attractive student who just blends in with the crowd
    ESFJ: Cheerleader who grows up to be a soccer mom

    ISTP: Member of Automotive club who nobody truly knows
    ESTP: Jock/Athlete who pushes around the weaker kids
    ISFP: Stoner/Artist who's pretty chill, nobody notices when they skip class
    ESFP: Popular kid/Party animal who can't stop talking

    INTJ: Quiz Bowl participant who condescends upon the less intelligent students
    ENTJ: Forceful student leader who wants to dominate everyone
    INTP: Geek/Nerd who knows everything about computers, but has never attracted a girl
    ENTP: Class clown who comes up with the craziest jokes and is a social media king.

    INFJ: Deep, philosophical person who is some sort of guru
    ENFJ: Social advocate who is always pushing their moral agenda on you
    INFP: Goth/Emo who writes about their feelings and hangs out with others like them
    ENFP: Theatre geek who is well-liked because of their comedic tendencies
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    I am gonna be really honest now.
    This is not meant to offend anyone personally or impersonally in any way.

    INTP: Smart
    INTJ: Aspergers
    ENTP: Arguing
    ENTJ: Money

    INFP: Fantasy
    INFJ: False conclusions
    ENFP: Naruto
    ENFJ: My love interest

    ISTP: Mechanics/engineering
    ISTJ: Work
    ISFP: Tolerance
    ISFJ: Tradition

    ESFP: Stupid (defined by the lack of intellectual common sense)
    ESFJ: Stupid (defined by the lack of actual intelligence)
    ESTP: Sports, sex, alcohol, drugs, but most importantly: being mainstream.
    ESTJ: Evil.
    Alignment: Chaotic-Neutral
    Sins: Pride > Sloth > Gluttony > Wrath > Greed > Lust > Envy

    "Only two things are infinite. The universe, and human stupidity, but I'm not sure about the former." -Albert Einstein
    "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams." -Dr. Seuss
    "If you want to know what a man is like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals." -J. K. Rowling

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    INFP:Quiet loner ghost fairies that don't stand out
    INFJ: Mystical, wise people
    ENFP: hyper, imaginative, energetic people
    ENFJ: Socializing romantics
    ISFJ: volunteering
    ISTJ: nostalgic soldiers
    ESFJ: dramatic teenagers
    ESTJ: loud people who yell
    INTP: somewhat messy and nerdy
    INTJ: snobby villains
    ENTP: infinite ideas
    ENTJ: god wannabes
    ISFP: angry rebels, artists
    ISTP: mechanical stuff
    ESFP: happy party people
    ESTP: popular jocks
    I am extremely quiet, an outcast, and conflict-avoidant. But I also have strengths too, that I can forgive you all because you are unique and special. I kill with kindness, hating violence and social conflicts. People always bully me into actually talking, but I can't. Just be your true self and know your strengths and weaknesses. Some weaknesses we cannot change, but work on your strengths, forgive, and accept that.
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    (These are all stereotypes don't take seriously)
    ENFP - Bridget Jones or Barry from The Goldbergs - loveable dummy with tons of enthusiasm and ideas but not a lot of common sense
    INFP - me
    INTP - my dad - gentle sweet and caring and definitely has bushy old professor eyebrows and is constantly daydreaming about maths or chess - usually a bit socially awkward
    ENTP - my mum and Chandler from Friends - quick witty and loves a debate (though never admits to being wrong annoyingly)
    ENTJ - spencer hastings - someone obsessed with being efficient and productive. Usually very organised and can be very quick and funny. Smart too.
    ENFJ - warm caring mum-like friend who can have a darker side of being manipulative or pushy/controlling
    INFJ - Lisa Simpson - Have a love of learning, organised, care a lot about getting good grades for the future - sometimes a bit self righteous
    INTJ - Stewie from Family Guy - evil mastermind who can be weirdly charming
    ISTJ - Mark Corrigan - an uptight middle aged slightly overweight guy who loves history and nothing out of their comfort zone. Surprisingly very perceptive and interesting underneath the cold exterior
    ISFJ - Marge Simpson - caring person who doesn't like to try new things and cares quite a lot about how others perceive them.
    ESFJ - Charlotte from sex and the city - mumish organised traditional friend. Usually popular at school can be gossipy type but not the uber popular ESFP girl
    ESFP - the popular girl who is full of energy and never runs out of things to talk about. Spontaneous, silly and make even mundane anecdotes interesting to listen to. Instantly grab everyone's attention when they enter a room and give off a strong air of self confidence. Seem to just manage to be effortlessly cool wherever they go. Physically attractive and fashionable. Party lover and highly social. Can have a darker side of being overly dramatic or self involved or other people finding it hard to relate to them as they seem theatrical and inauthentic like they are performing all the time...or Joey Tribbiani
    ESTP - jock who is kind of a jerk.
    ESTJ - Bossy loud and a bit insensitive - CEOs or lawyers clean looking and professional little makeup not at all arty/creative. Admire their efficiency though.
    ISTP - Rebel dude on a motorbike in a leather jacket who has really good mechanical skills and works out a lot
    ISFP - gentle vegetarian with a trendy style

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