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Although this might be best suited in the NF Idyllic section, here's my input to your question.

Quite a bit of things when stressed:

- get more irritable than usual
- don't eat much
- insomnia
- think that the world is out to get me
- pessimistic thoughts/ self-defeatist thoughts
- become cynical and disbelieving of information people tell me
- over-analyze and read too much into things
- put up a cold front, tend to shelter emotional expression to avoid getting hurt
- avoidance of people in general
- hypersensitivity to criticism or how people say things to me
- losing temper
- beating myself up inside
- feeling like life is an illusion
- appear externally disorganized and scatterbrained

To list a couple things.
ALL of that. Seriously.
I tend to cope by exercising. I got so stressed I ran 15 miles on a whim once (I had not trained for it) and couldn't walk for days afterwards.. XD
Usually I find that exercises where I'm either clearly accomplishing something (running a long distance) or training for something that pulls out my more.. competitive side (kickboxing) helps more than just weight lifting.

If I'm upset/stressed enough, I've been known to drink heavily. Which is why I usually avoid having sources of alcohol on hand.