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    I've had those kinds of jobs and the only thing that ever worked for me was seeing the "forest" and then setting up a system that dealt with the "trees" in it so as not to miss any. That took analyzing and alot of work initially
    How did you get your employer to understand you need this? All I've met with was annoyance when I explained I need the bigger picture to make sense of a project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by substitute View Post
    I just re-figure it out again each time. Takes a couple of seconds and works for me so far...

    I've tried the above techniques, but in reality they only work when I consciously remember to do them, and remembering to do things that were planned before is precisely my weakness. Main reason being I've never really practiced it, because I've always been able to improvise on the spot anyway...

    And if things go wrong, I can usually improvise it right again.
    That's the way I've done things so far. Unfortunately, I have also lost motivation. So improvisation doesn't come as easily. I am find myself sleeping away most of the days and pushing myself to get things done last minute before a deadline. So far the consequences have not been dire, but there have been consequences.

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