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    Default How well do you get along with your opposite type?

    I have a friend who, by my best guess, is ESFJ 7w6 sx/so, pretty much my polar opposite. At first, I wasn't sure we could really get along because I felt really awkward and uncomfortable around her. It kind of seemed like she would speak at me rather than to me, which made it really hard for me to contribute anything and hold conversations with her. But then I discovered that if I talk to her in Si, we're speaking the same language. It takes a bit of effort, but when I do that we can have a lot of fun. I also think her sx instinct helps, because I have a much easier time one-on-one than in groups.

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    Who is my opposite type? ENTJ? ESTP?

    In either case, it depends on the individual, I guess? I've had some good ESTP friends. And ENTJs don't scare me one bit.

    Actually, the general "makeup" of ESTJ annoys me often, but then.. I've had friends there too. Like I said, I think it might depend more on individuals and where we are in life more than anything. Type could just be one minor parameter.

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    Whether or not I like INFPs depends on how much they're into the "rebel without a cause" thing. When they're unique without being on edge and cranky about it, and when they don't try to evangelize that philosophy at me, then we're good.

    So, in other words, we're good most of the time -- because I think a lot of that has to do with maturity.
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    ISTP- not much opinion on them. Sometimes, there are mutual WTF moments with opinions.

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    I'm the more crazier/cruder/meaner one as compared to my ISFP 4w5 sp/so friend.

    But we do get along very well because of #atheism and similar backgrounds; we have similar ideas, but we go about in totally different ways. I don't mind steamrollering over people to get <insert agenda here> across or done, she's a little more nice.
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    I'm an ESTP 7w8 sx/so;
    My wife is an INFJ 9w1 sp/so;
    We're very happy, love each other bundles, and get along splendidly.
    Core values, attraction, and true heartfelt human decency for the sake of loving someone without reservation, these things matter way the fuck more than MBTI or Enneagram.

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    overall: pretty well. generally they leave you alone and aren't very intrusive. they're not emotionally or socially high maintenance
    friends: we don't usually click as friends, they think I'm weird as fuck
    in a formal setting: wonderful. good at conversing in a more formal, detached environment
    in positions of authority: HELL no. ISTJs make me want to choke them in authority positions
    sexually: never
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    One of my best friends is an ESFJ. I don't usually understand her and she can be quite emotional and dramatic sometimes. I like her anyways.
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    ESFJs and INTPs are basically the same people...just backwards. I've sat down and talked to a couple esfjs (suspected, never confirmed) and we usually see things in the same way...we just react differently..

    I would say entjs are probably more "opposite"...but I like entjs (they might be my favorite type).

    So generally, pretty well..

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    honestly, i can't think of a single estj. i'm sure i know some, but not well enough to type. i can definitely see myself clashing with one, especially if they were super rigid. and i doubt i'd date one. but i'm sure there are some cool, relatively laid back estj's out there i could get along with.

    closest thing are istj's i guess, and the first 2 i think of are my stepdad who i hate more than anyone, and an old friend of mine. me and the friend are really different, her family is all conservative southern baptist and she completely buys into it even though she's really smart and cynical otherwise. but we get along well obviously, i just can't talk to her about a lot of personal stuff.

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