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    Just a thought/question on ENTPs and ENFPs in general:

    ENTPs are known for keeping their inner feelings closely guarded: "It's hard to really get to know an ENTP" is the common saying. Which cognitive function explains that? Is it the fact that Fi (i.e. being in touch with their inner feelings) isn't well developed, or is that more related to their tertiary Fe (i.e. expression of feelings)?

    Now for ENFPs: It's said that they're famed for possessing a 'silly switch', able to transition from being zany and lighthearted one moment to serious and professorial the next. Same question - which cognitive function(s) explains that dichotomy? Is it summoning their tertiary Te that renders them able to focus on a task or concept with exacting seriousness on command like that?

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    1) That's just being a Thinking preferer in general.

    2) The silly switch would be from Ne and shared by both dominant types. Perhaps moreso for the ENFP, because the ENTP's T gives them a bit of a more serious edge, while the ENFP's Te is tertiary, which is the child complex, so even when they use that, it will likely be more light and airy. Parental Fi will be their more serious side, but it will not come off as "serious" as Ti.
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