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  • ENFP

    17 5.92%
  • ENTP

    43 14.98%
  • ESFP

    16 5.57%
  • ESTP

    34 11.85%
  • ENFJ

    31 10.80%
  • ENTJ

    109 37.98%
  • ESFJ

    37 12.89%
  • ESTJ

    52 18.12%
  • INFP

    14 4.88%
  • INTP

    31 10.80%
  • ISFP

    11 3.83%
  • ISTP

    12 4.18%
  • INFJ

    25 8.71%
  • INTJ

    74 25.78%
  • ISFJ

    17 5.92%
  • ISTJ

    28 9.76%
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildcat View Post
    You mean the poll is wrong?

    Polls are never wrong. Morality is subjective. You cannot challenge a Sub Angel.
    Take it easy. Have some porridge, with milk and sugar.
    "Honest differences are often a healthy sign of progress. "

    "You must not lose faith in humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."

    "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind."

    Mahatma Gandhi

    Enneagram: 9w1

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    Quote Originally Posted by cloud View Post
    Most evil people in the world and their types:

    ENTJ: Napoleon, Hitler, Golda Meir
    ENTP:Osama Bin Laden

    ENTJ 3 ENTP 1

    we win
    I'm pretty sure Osama is an NF.

    From Wikipedia,
    At university, bin Laden's main interest was religion, where he was involved in both "interpreting the Quran and jihad" and charitable work.[15] He also writes poetry.
    and yeah, Hitler was NF too. Napoleon is ENTJ though. I don't know about Golda Meir.
    I don't wanna!

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    Golda was an ENTJ if ever there was one, but she certainly wasn't evil. She was one of the strongest female, Jewish leaders that ever lived. Only someone with antisemitic leanings would consider Meir "evil".

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    i would love to have a word with the people who selected ISFP.

    what the f...?

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    ESTJ because of their judgementality and ENTJ being their intelligent neighbours. ISFP is the least evil type being very selfless and "a loser". INFP, ENFP, and ISFJ are very good people too. I don't see why ISTP was voted the least evil one. ISTPs are usually tolerant but their IST nature makes them insensitive sometimes. I love how my types were voted the 13th and the 14th most evil type. I did "How Evil Are You?" and I scored 20%.

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    haha, the evil types really are the people I get worst along with

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post

    ENTP IS THE MOST EVIL TYPE OF ALL.... (narrowly beating out INFJs)

    1. In MOVIES, the writers often write in an ENTJ to be the bad guy.

    question: Is this because ENTJs are actaully the most evil, or is it because, given an equally evil bent ENTP or ENTJ, the ENTJ is scarier/better for the plot?

    2. Big blockbuster movie villains require armies of henchmen, big multinational corporations laundering in secrete island bases with tons of bureaucracy. Big blockbuster villains have big complicated plans that are coming together around 71 minutes (no sooner, no later!). In short, the kind of villains who draw out evilness over hours of movie time: require lots of J.

    3. Real Life is not the Movies. However, peoples opinions of what archetypes represent evil, are very influenced by movies. Thus, people have come to associate ENTJ with evil for no reason other than that they were lead to believe so.

    4. Say hollywood had decided that movies always needed to be about crazy wives. Hollywood would then have casted the only type capable of maintaining domestic insanity for hours at a time: the ISFJ.

    5. it should be obvious that we need to divorce the movies from Real life in order to discover the most evil type.

    6. What traits often prime one for being Evil? traits that dont mind being a threat to our way of life, that has no restrictions, no fear mechanism, no respect for boundaries, no fear of being a social outcast, no feeling based decisions.

    7. Can an ENTJ carry those things out in number 6? Yes they could. however, there is a safety switch: the inferior Fi. If the Fi goes wrong in the ENTJ, then yes they will be just as evil as the ENTP. However, this is an ENTJ gone wrong. That is completely different than the garden variety ENTP who is ALREADY primed for evilness.

    8. ENTJs IRL, tend to accumulate bits of Fi as they go through life. You may not see it, but its there. The little rampages and crusades are inferior Fi driven.

    9. The ENTP has no said 'safetyswitch' that needs to 'go wrong'. The ENTP doesnt accumulate little bits of Fi as he goes. His rampages are merely for the fun of it. His crusades are merely for the sake of bringing about disorder. so now we ask, is the ENTP capable of what was described in #6, no bad upbringing required? I say, YES:

    6. What is Evil? the type that threatens our way of life, that has no restrictions, no fear mechanism, no respect for boundaries, no fear of being a social outcast, no feeling based decisions.

    ENTPs: hate status quo (threaten way of life), they hate boundaries or restrictions of any kind (the very definition of Ne, is to push beyond what Se tells normal people 'there is'), they have no fear of guilt (no Fi), and no fear of being a social outcast due to their actions (Fe is merely a tool to the ENTP).

    Unlike the INTP, whose Ti allows them to build a system of morality that replaces their need for Fe/Fi, the ENTP merely uses Ti as a last resort, for they need something, to help them make sense of Ne. However, Ti is merely the subordinate here, it has no chance of satisfactorily replacing feelings, like the Ti of an IXTP can.

    10. So if were writing a hollywood movie that needed to influence and play with people's archetypes? then yes we would use ENTJ as the most evil capable type. However, IRL, the average persons archetype lies to them and has been influenced by hollywood. If we analyze it critically, the ENTP is actaully...

    the most evil type. :SaiyanSmilie_anim: :horor: :sad:
    Says the guy with the animal fur shoulder pads

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chemgrl82 View Post
    Admittedly, I had to vote ENTJ. ENTJs and INTJs may be tied, but I think it boils down to the I/E difference. You're going to feel the effects of the ENTJ a lot more than an INTJ. While the possibility is there for INTJs, introversion can keep them at bay to some degree.

    It'a always fun when you have to admit this to yourself and vote for your own type.

    Edit: Secondly, I would definitely agree with ESTP. They can be extremely conniving, manipulative, and downright evil. I was surprised to find out that my ESTP friend repeatedly played her ex-fiancee (who was madly in love with her) for literally thousands of dollars in exchange for sex. He just wanted to be with her and kept talking marriage, but every time she would meet him she told him he would have to pay at least $1000 per "session".

    Even I'm not that bad. I was mortified and I'll never look at her the same.

    In the end, she found out he had a girlfriend and bashed in his Mercedes (Carrie Underwood style).

    The other ESTP I know is also very destructive in his marriage (sexually).
    I totally agree with the manipulative nature of the ESTP. I guess there are different kinds of evil here:
    ENTJ/INTJ are more of the 'dominate the world' kind of evil. Whereas the ESTPs are actually the kind of evil in the 'real life' definition. With their manipulative nature and everything.

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    I win another poll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Babylon Candle View Post
    Mischievous: ENTP
    Scheming you out of your money: ESTP
    Taking over the world: ENTJ
    Stealing/burglary: ISTP
    Genocide: ISFP
    damn, only second-rate evil.

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