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    Question Professional MBTI tests

    Anyone here ever had a professionally administered MBTI test? Did you find it any more or less useful than doing a bunch of online tests? Was it worth the money?

    Anyway, I only ask because I'll be going to a career counsellor during the week who is certified in Myers-Briggs and other temperament assessments, and I'm wondering if I'll bother getting it done while I'm there. So, your experiences will help

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    I have been professionally tested and also taken a bunch of online tests. I absolutely think the real MBTI is worth the money, not because it's 100% accurate (it isn't) but because at least there's some accountability to quality. I have gotten every result possible from online quizzes, from fairly accurate to laughably wrong (the free online test I see recommended everywhere always gives me ENFJ. Really?!?!). The real MBTI has gotten me pretty close, and doing some reading helped me confirm.

    Plus, when you take the real MBTI, you get to talk over the result with someone who knows the system, which is really the best way to figure out your type.
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