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Excellent question.

(I'm breaking this into parts.)

You might be interested to know the MMTIC (Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children) has just been revised. This is a MBTI-based tool that is geared for folks with lower reading levels. (I *think* MBTI is directed towards a reading level of Grade 8-10, but I might be wrong.) The questions are also age-appropriate. (As with any MBTI translation, there are multiple layers required to translate.)

For example, questions on the MMTIC would say things like: When you come home from school, you would rather A) go play, then do your homework or B) Do your homework, then go play.

MMTIC is used in counseling situations.
I wish this lady-rivercrow-was still around. She sounds pretty cool.

I took the above test and it said I was 98% certain on all four scales to be an ENFP. It is meant for children.

(The adult tests tested me as an INTP, an ENTP and an INFP with only slight prefs on the E/I and T/F scales)

I read about an MBTI researcher studying infant MBTI types who said that children will begin displaying tendencies that allow guesses at typing as young as nine months. Introversion/extroversion and need for order/structure (P/J) are very obvious even at that young age. Kids cant really describe what they are doing until about ten though-ie consciously understand the preference.

It was neat watching my 14 yo enfp. Ne was amazingly obvious from about 9 months-he never stopped investigating and seeking stimuli. Fi didnt become apparent until about 11 years. He is now nicer than me and lets me know about all of the mean things I do.